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A New Low: Obasanjo Slaps Gov. Gbenga Daniel

Discussion in 'News, Books, Art & Culture' started by rudeboy, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. rudeboy

    rudeboy Film Pros

    The political feud between three time president Olusegun Obasanjo and his home state governor, Gbenga Daniel, degenerated to the lowest level when the former president at a peace meeting brokered by a prominent traditional ruler at his Palace descended on Gov. Daniel with a powerful slap. According to reports reaching New Nigerian Politics, Gov. Daniel was narrating his side of the events to the monarch when the former military president got up from his chair across the room, walked a few steps to the corner where the Ogun governor was seated as if to reconcile with him and instead unleashed a powerful forehand that sent the two-time governor sprawling to the floor as his aides rushed to his corner. An infuriated Obasanjo (the self proclaimed born again Christian) who was uttering all manner of unprintable expletives was said to be going for the ‘kill’ when his own aides at the insistence of the monarch rushed to restrain him.

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  2. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    April fool.grinning:
  3. blackpearl

    blackpearl oloju come and do

  4. rudeboy

    rudeboy Film Pros

    But it got you,though!
  5. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    No, it did not, because i have already seen it aome place else. It is a funny tory, though. I am not sure the gov. would see the humorous side of it.

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