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City Mag 9th Awards Show

Discussion in 'Nollywood Movie Stars' started by bolanle, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. bolanle

    bolanle Guest

    I don't know where it could fit so, so Mods just do your wonders! :)

    Anyways, yes this was another feature on the Bisi Olatilo show and I must tell you the event was heavy. I know soem of yall can not watch it but I got to share this with yall. So at the event they gave awards to different kind of people and organisations. Anyways and then from no where...I saw SDA...ehen and I must say this black dress and the hair were just like BAAAAM...she's back. Yes our one and only SDA is back and she's glowing like she's never been glowing before. Anyways...incase SDA reads this...Bolanle and Pecu, the head of your club love you o!

    Then Desmond Eliot got the Actor of the yr Award but did not show up, oh well I did not see him...Tade Ogidan got the Best Director of the Yr Award but I did not see him there as well. Eliza I think is her name, the new singer in the scene performed and she performed very well but sometimes I just think the Nigerian audience is just not ready for this kind of music sha...or it was just that the wrong peeps were there. Then P SQUARE got the Best Hip Hop Group award and Style Plus also performed their song "Imagine that" and they all looked sooooooooooooo cute! Kai...am homesick for real!

    Then I saw Eucharia dressed up all in white and she lost weight o. I hope it is not cos her stress with her hubby...I also saw...I guess Vince is gon be happy about this...I saw Omotoytoy there :laugh:...she looked good but the hair wasn't all that. She should have just left them plain open than just braid them. You know if you have weave on and then you begin to part the weave on into braids. It did not do her beauty any justice. She should have left it open...she could have iced it up meeeeen...big time! Who else did I see again ehen...RMD...this man and his smile ehn...he can kill!

    All in all the event was very colorful with different Gele that can not only comot one eye but the both of them. Saw different native styles that just killed me on my seat...infact guys..naija is really trying. I hope I could at least make a small picture of the event.
  2. Joi

    Joi Code Cracker


  3. Tiger

    Tiger Too blessed 2 be stressed

    how desmond no go get the best actor of the yr.the G8 OR WTEVER they are called are out of job for almost a year. thanks for the info
  4. bolanle

    bolanle Guest

    all yall talking about is Desomond? Hmmm...the bobo is tempting but if we scale am how many good and bad movies he did in 05 the bad ones go pas!
    Eniwe....the bobo still fine, no matter if hin get big yansh as people tok ..or not!
  5. Simisola

    Simisola Well-Known Member

    :lol very funny
  6. olofofogal

    olofofogal Let d smoke carry d point

  7. zenke

    zenke New Member

    yaro mai amfani

    Must u tell us:knuck
  8. solatoks

    solatoks naija rules 4ever

    Yes i saw that show as well was it not on the Bisi olatilo show?
  9. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros

    and the best actress award went to INI EDO.....
  10. zenke

    zenke New Member

    yaro mai amfani

    :460: :460: :460:
  11. Joi

    Joi Code Cracker

    Well deserved.

  12. zenke

    zenke New Member

    yaro mai amfani

    Sweetheart na where u enter now???
  13. Joi

    Joi Code Cracker

    Omo, I dey bible study since...how na?
    May the Lord be with you....action-s:
  14. zenke

    zenke New Member

    yaro mai amfani

    AMEN oh! and also wit uaction-s:
  15. sonia

    sonia Master Group

    what about dakore?

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