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Does The Bible really Condemn Drinking of Alcohol?

Discussion in 'Religion, Philosophy & Spirituality' started by TheForce, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. TheForce

    TheForce Film Pros

    Does The Bible really Condemn Drinking of Alcohol?

    We may all belong to different church denominations, but we does all belong to the same body of Christ. And the Lord gave us all only one book. “THE MAKER’S MANUAL” The Bible. From our reading and understanding of the bible, is the consumption of alcohol really a sin? Will somebody go to hell for drinking alcohol? Will the Holy Spirit depart from him, if he does? How did God really see an alcohol consuming child of his?
  2. OlaMichael

    OlaMichael Don't Suffer Fools Gladly

  3. ddizzle

    ddizzle Aunty!

    If so Jesus would have turn water into Ginger Ale smokin:
  4. Hubscrown

    Hubscrown Film Pros

    Jesus turn water into wine not liquor. There are wine with no Alcohol.. But most people binge on liquor and said God doesn't condemn drinking...

    If you gonna drink, drink at home and if you drink out, don't drive or you going to jail even if you are sober you may still test positive if caught by cops.
  5. Abike

    Abike :)

  6. ddizzle

    ddizzle Aunty!


    Im not one that condones over drinking....grinning:
  7. Papino

    Papino Master Group

    NO, but it is against excesses including anything that intoxicates i.e not limited to alcohol.The miracle of Galilee always comes up in discussions like this and one understands why.Considering the occassion where it happened-a wedding-it may not be wrong to conclude that Jesus converted water to alcohol and not ginger-ale:bouncy
    Meanwhile,texts abound of the implication of excessive alcoholic intake in the bible and a common feature of the texts is that the holy spirit does not struggle.Once any form of uncleanliness comes into a being,the spirit of God departs from there and can come back on invitation if garnished with repentance.
    The reason why pastors preach against alcohol is because under the influence,people behave in regrettable manners and it is better to abstain from anything that is likely to bring more trouble than the temporal joy it offers.grinning:
  8. Believer

    Believer New Member

    God is good and I hope he guides us through such but I think its all about the how much not the what. Because I know people who use Ganja to as medication and a traditional herb for mothers without milk to breast feed yet we all know how terrible that herb is.

    However we also need spiritual guidance.
  9. danitaylor

    danitaylor Lips of an Angel

    make that double yikes.
  10. praizes2000

    praizes2000 Master Group

    Does The Bible really condemn Drinking of Alcohol?, Yes The Bible does, even though some people says it has to be in moderation.
    Check this out in The Bible, Prov 20:1 - Wine is a mocker, Intoxicating drink arouse brawling and whoever is led astray by it is not wise. Prov 23:29-35 - Who has woe?, who has sorrow?, contentions, complaints.................., those who go in search of mixed wine when it red ..............., At the last it bites like a serpent and stings like a viper.
    Lastly Prov 31:6 - Give strong drink to him who is perishing.
    Check all of them and I remember when Pst Joel Osteen was being interviewed on CNN, he said he is clean by minding what goes into him, that he neither drinks (alcohol) nor smoke.
  11. Crystalgirl

    Crystalgirl Brown Sugar

    Do the words/phrases in red suggest that there are caveats?
  12. Field Marshal


    Fa fa fa fa faffafafaf Fouulu! The answer is a Capital NO! The Bible does not condemn drinking of tombo likwor, unless when consumed in excess like PaJ! :D
  13. coded

    coded New Member


    meen i dont think so ooo...im not tryna justify ma drinking habit but come 2 think of it,Jesus turned water into wine...i dont care d kinda wine ppl claim it is but the bible recorded that "they all drank winer and they became happy".....una no understand?????

    dont get it twisted though,im a born again xtian and dats fa real..i love christ and im down with him till
    da end..ONE!!!
  14. lafemmedi

    lafemmedi Reaching above and beyond

    Nope, drink with moderation. Drunkenness is condemned, not the abstinence of alcohol.

    Incase we forget, Passover was done with WINE and bread. Hard to condemn alcohol, when one is admonished to DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME with WINE.
  15. Multioption

    Multioption Master Group

    I'll admonish all Christians to take this to heart: "Whatever you do, do as unto the Lord."

    If drinking alcohol glorifies Christ, go ahead and drink, perhaps moderately (you say), but if your conscience tells you that "it is no longer you that live, but Christ.." (Galatians 2:20); I think it behooves the Christian to glorify Christ by denying self. Matthew 16:24.

    The less of man, the more of Christ. John 12:24.

    "He that will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me" - Matthew 16:24.

    Paul, in his epistle to the Christians, says: "..be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind." And from experience, I can say authoritatively that a renewed mind would not thirst after wine, rather after Christ. It would seek to be transformed to the image of Christ from glory to glory. - 2 Cor 3:18.

    Self is much deeper than sins; for it gave birth to the sinful nature.

    I pray that God shall lead all His children in the path of abundant life, for in His presence is fullness of joy, and at His right hand are pleasures forever more. Psalm 16:11.
  16. Meddeen250

    Meddeen250 Humanitarian

    Never tasted alcohol in my life, never will.
    Whether bible condemn it or not, I still won't drink alcohol.
  17. mealone

    mealone Well-Known Member

    :action-sm hi-5 jare!
  18. praizes2000

    praizes2000 Master Group

    Me give you hi-10.:fing02:
  19. OlaMichael

    OlaMichael Don't Suffer Fools Gladly

    Multi, you may want to review this post.

    The question I believe, that this thread seeks to answer is, "does the bible condemn the drinking of alcohol" AND NOT "does the bible condemn ADDICTION to alcohol".

    The bible does not condemn drinking alcohol but strongly denounces alcohol addiction. If one were to adopt your logic, then where would one stand where it pertains to say for instance, watching Nollywood movies, would the renewed mind watch Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood or any "wood" movies?

    I think sometimes we christians over-spiritualise everything and take the bible out of context.
  20. Multioption

    Multioption Master Group

    How thick is the line between alcohol intake and addiction to it? And can a non-drinker of alcohol be addicted to it? There is so much to spiritual life than to contemplate alcohol.

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