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Dora Akunyili, New Minister of Information and Communication

Discussion in 'News, Books, Art & Culture' started by Crystalgirl, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Crystalgirl

    Crystalgirl Brown Sugar

    My posting is divine, says Akunyili

    Newly inaugurated Minister of Information and Communication, Professor Dora Akunyili, down-played public disappointment with her portfolio on Wednesday, saying that it was in line with the will of God.

    She also expressed determination to revive Nigeria’s image, an assignment which she identified as the reason God approved her appointment as the image-maker of the government.

    Akunyili spoke in her maiden press briefing after the Federal Executive Council met in what was also her first day in the cabinet.

    She was accompanied to the session by her predecessor, Mr. John Odey, who was redeployed to the Ministry of the Environment, who urged State House correspondents to support her.

    Minister of State for Information and Communication, Aliyu Bilbis, was equally present.

    Reacting to views that her posting was disappointing, especially since she was taken away from the health sector, Akunyili noted that she did not know anything about NAFDAC when she was appointed its Directo-General, only for her to record resounding success due to a determination to succeed.

    She said she will bring the same determination to her current assignment.

    “What I will tell them (supporters that were disappointed with her portfolio) about my posting is that anything that happens in this life is approved by God. Nothing happens without God’s approval.

    “God wants me to be here today and I can feel it because Nigeria’s image needs to be revived”, she said, adding that with a bad image, “we cannot achieve Vision 2020-20”.

    Akunyili also said that her new role was much more vital than most people understand.

    “Where I am now is the soul of the nation, image is the soul of the nation and information is power.

    “I believe that God will give me the skill to present it successfully; after all when I went to NAFDAC, I did not know anything about NAFDAC. But I wanted to succeed,” she said, adding that if things were done the right way, “Nigeria is a good product that we can easily sell.”

    “Nigerians should also do their part by doing their best as citizens”, she added.

    She added that before the portfolios were announced, her greatest prayer was that God will put her in a ministry where she will be most effective.

    With her experience in government, the minister added that she was sure to succeed.

    Earlier, she had expressed appreciation to the Nigerian media for the part it played in her success at NAFDAC.

    She said it would not have been possible without the media.

    “Gentlemen of the vibrant Nigerian press, I am happy today. I have a soft spot for the Nigerian press when I consider that the work we did in NAFDAC would not have been possible without the press,” she said.

    Akunyili said it was the press that alerted the world that Nigeria is no longer a dumping ground for fake drugs.

    “I hope you will support me to portray Nigeria in a positive light,” she appealed, adding that “we will tell the truth at all times” but with responsibility.

    In the same vein, the FEC approved that former staff of the defunct Nigerian Airways should be paid the sum of N2.116bn, being the full and final part of their entitlements.
  2. Crystalgirl

    Crystalgirl Brown Sugar

    Wouldn't this lady been far more effective as a health minister? Have this administration completely lost their minds? Whatever happened to priorities? Chai!
  3. sidney

    sidney Film Pros

    Wait, so which one is she?
  4. OlaMichael

    OlaMichael Don't Suffer Fools Gladly

    These people do not cease to amaze me. Anyways, like she said, hopefully, she'll do a good job where she's been placed.

    However, appointing her as the information and comms minister even though she'd clearly have functioned more effectively as the health minister, after her success with NAFDAC goes a long way to show how Yar'Adua's govt is failing us in a lot of ways.

    It's as if there's something or someone saying to him and his govt. if it works or looks like it works, DISTURB/SCATTER it.

    God help us. ;)
  5. peculiar

    peculiar Well-Known Member

    Minister of Info and Communications.:1087:

    Chai! C.G, I know right! I really wanted her to be Min. Of Health too but as she said-it is where God would have her be for such a time as this......

    Congrats to her and I pray for God's backing as usual...She will do well.grinning:
  6. NTB

    NTB NR Patrons

    Will of God my foot. God has nothing to do with this posting. She was more than effective in NAFDAC. She cleaned up NAFDAC and was winning the war on illegal importation of bad medicine in Nigeria and those sponsoring these evil acts wanted her out and has achieved it by all means.

    God is not coming to clean up Nigeria for us. God has done his part by putting us here and we have to do our part.
  7. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    I guess the powers behind the fake drug imports got her moved elsewhere. I think this Yar'Adua is retarded. Why not give her overall control of the Health Sector to save our dying children? There's a zillion people qualified to deal with the image issues. Even I can handle that one in my sleep! Health is no piece of cake...
    rudeboy likes this.
  8. NTB

    NTB NR Patrons

    U spoke well and I agree with you about our President :laugh:
  9. OlaMichael

    OlaMichael Don't Suffer Fools Gladly

    As much as people hated Obasanjo and thought he was evil, yet he remains the one person who despite all his flaws, has done the most for the country till date. It's a pity to see all the stuff (in terms of foundations) he achieved being undone.

    Yar'Adua had a good foundation/momentum to build on and take to the next level, what does he do instead? He spins around and starts driving us back to places we thought perhaps we were moving away from.

    The guy is a disappointment, to say the least.
    obude likes this.
  10. peculiar

    peculiar Well-Known Member

    So please people, who is our new "Minister of Health" sef? :confused:

    I am ashamed to say, but I have no idea. Is it still Dr Lambo??
  11. nike007

    nike007 Master Group

    CHAAAAIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! we don dig our own grave ....................how person go come give dr minister of communication and information...wetin she wan inform now.

    This is horrible are they trying to revive or kill naija..........who made this decision............so who takes care of the health sector or is this someway of removing her from controlling the jagajaga drugs that come into naija..........
  12. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    They think by capitalising on the good image she has internationally, our image issues will be resolved. An information minister in the Nigerian sense is a hired liar, so she's just killing her image. She should have turned it down because whatever she says, they will do the exact opposite, since they can't be reliable.
  13. peculiar

    peculiar Well-Known Member

    So wait again o, is she still NAFDAC D.G, or does this new post mean she's no more in the health field? :confused:

    I am looking forward to what she's going to do with the Naija Image abi info and comunication ministry sha. And as it is, e go hard small. Seeing as our rep don almost already finish! :eek: All she needs is that firm hand and the right set of people who share her vision. There will be hiccups but I believe with the right support from all angles, she can make a difference (however little it may be))whilst she is there. Whether she wil get that full support or not is another thing..............:(
  14. peculiar

    peculiar Well-Known Member

    :confused: That's a scary thought because all she has managed to achieve with NAFDAC might be destroyed in her very eyes before she says Jack Robinson finish! :(

    :lol Oga Sola you go kill person oooo! :lol
  15. chi

    chi I am blessed

    i would have prefered her remaining in nafdac... than accepting that ministerial post
  16. chi

    chi I am blessed

    OM ... it hurts so so bad ....
    zelifat likes this.
  17. chi

    chi I am blessed

    he thinks all this shuffling and reshuffling will solve the problem ... why cant they even get knew set of people ... ......... papa God .... ..... we are still calling on you
    zelifat likes this.
  18. noone

    noone Guest


    Thank you o! Granted, she's a formidable woman and will do her best wherever she's placed but why not leave her in the area that she was doing such a fantastic job???? It beats me:frown2
  19. whatever

    whatever Master Group

    Well, it looks bad, infact very bad right now, but with her integrity she would have turned it down if she wasn't going do any good where she was placed. I believe this woman and I believe that God is on her side, so it may not be so bad to have someone with her kind of work ethics be our information and communication minister. Let's just pray for her and watch what happens.
  20. filmdirector

    filmdirector Guest

    I am so disappointed in Nigeria. These days i don't even read the news anymore. And that's something because i was a religious news reader. I am so tired of the hopelessness.

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