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Ghanaian Actress, Suzzy Williams, deceased

Discussion in 'Ghanaian Movie Stars & Filmmaking' started by nadjaye, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. nadjaye

    nadjaye Master Group

    Ghanaian Actress died: Suzzy Williams

    You may know her she has been in one or two films with Ramsey Noah. e.g Lover Boy In Ghana!

    May her soul rest in peace.
  2. Ricardo

    Ricardo I'm Favored by God !

    Oh no ! she's so beautiful, May her soul rest in Peace !
    what happened.
  3. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

    OH Yesu

    Edieben Na E ye No - What happened to her. May her soul rest in peace.

    She is actress who played the daughter (and secret lover to ramsey noah in "Lover Boy In Ghana"). SHe is so young. I wasnt that fond of her acting but still its sad and i hope her family are comforted.

    OH Suzie - demirifa due- May her soul rest in peace.
  4. Meddeen250

    Meddeen250 Humanitarian

    She was such a beautiful girl. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
  5. bolanle

    bolanle Guest

    Anybody has some pics of hers cos I do not know her but may her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
  6. Flawless

    Flawless Daughter of Zion

    who she be?
  7. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

  8. Lafem

    Lafem The Last Lion

    You guys better be joking!!!!!:eek: Wetin kill the babe????!!!!!! I hope this is anoda one of dem false rumours ooo.
  9. Flawless

    Flawless Daughter of Zion

  10. leoghana

    leoghana Master Group

    she was involved in an accident.she was very pretty and a promising actress--one of Ghana's brightest lights. What a loss! My heart is heavy with grief. She was only 23. May her soul rest in peace.
  11. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness


    Na true ooh, she die this morning in Ghana.

    Here is the news from myjoyonline.com

    It has now been confirmed by Joy News sources that Suzzie Williams, an actress on TV3 soap series Sun City and the latest Ghanaian movies in country is reported dead.

    She was involved in a motor accident on the Spintex road and was rushed to a hospital where she died.

    She was 23 years old.

    Her body has since been deposited at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital morgue

    The accident occurred at 1 am and she was rushed to a hospital on the Spintex Road but died at around 10am on Thursday according to a nurse at the hospital she was sent for treatment.

    Suzie Williams, known in some quarters as Ghana’s Sharon Stone for her acting roles, has starred in a number of hit movies.

    She also starred in a number of local soap opera’s including Sun City and Fresh Trouble both on TV 3, Tentacles on GTV.

    Gosh - life is a beatch sometimes
  12. Flawless

    Flawless Daughter of Zion

    This is really sad although I don't even know her. May her gentle soul rest in Perfect peace (Amen).

  13. cyssme

    cyssme Master Group

    I actually just called Ghana and I was told. Oh my God, I am speechless and very sad. I do not know her but I will not want this to happen to anyone at her age. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
  14. samira

    samira Guest

    is she the actress in Super star...i mean the one who acted as Nkiru's sister the model? pls confirm Atlakos if you know. thanks

    ps. may her soul rest in perfect peace.
  15. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

    I have never seen Superstar. I only seen One movie with her and that was Ramsey Noah's Lover Boy in Ghana. I guess Ramsey has a funeral to attend since i hear they were good friends.

    Chaley - CAll me superstitious (arent all africans) but as for this one diye, its not a normal death. Ahh Ahh. I mean howwwwww.

    Oh well maybe its Gods calling.
  16. samira

    samira Guest

    Just read this about her death:

    "Most probably Suzzy Williams would not have died if she had her seat belt fastened. A talent lost to over-speeding and vehicular indiscipline. We need speed cameras on some of our highways to save lives. May she rest in peace"

    thanks for the pictures...it has answered my question to you. It is her. she also acted in Super Star and she was da bummmmmmmb in that movie. Gosh, such a young age.

  17. bolanle

    bolanle Guest

    OMG she acted in SUPERMODEL with Shan George? Jesus Christ? Such a beautiful woman she was!!!! Very sad! Very very sad...kai...more than sad.
  18. BostonChica

    BostonChica New Member

    yeah samira, but the title is Supermodel. She co-starred with Shan George, Nkiru Sylvanus and some other ppl. Ohmigosh, I can't believe this. She was beautiful, not saying that beauty will deny you death but still this girl had good personality to her. She seemed very bubbly and full of life. I can't believe this, man. I just can't. She was also in Deadly Mistake w/ Genevieve. The movie wasn't that good but I think it was shot in Ghana. May the Lord grant her soul peace in heaven.
  19. samira

    samira Guest

    Watch Superstar and you will be proud of her. She was great in that movie. I know about spintex road with all those trucks packed on the side of the road. While in Ghana this summer, there was another horrible accident whereby three people died. It was also speeding. May God bless us all....life is indeed very short. Enjoy it while it last. I am in tears....loved that gurl!
  20. cyssme

    cyssme Master Group

    YEP!! That's her

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