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Ghanaian Actress Vashti Jones Passed Away

Discussion in 'Ghanaian Movie Stars & Filmmaking' started by ghanaiangyal, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. ghanaiangyal

    ghanaiangyal Master Group

    Sadly, another Ghanaian actor passed away this week. Vashti Jones passed away due to a brief illness. For those of you who watched Playboy, she played Nadia Buari's friend. During the scene of them talking in the park, she was on the right and had her hair up. During the scene of them in store trying on the wedding dress she was on the right of Nadia and is the darker of the two friends.

    May she rest in perfect peace.

  2. KikisMuffin

    KikisMuffin I no get ya time!!

    WHat is happening????Oh my God!
  3. chi

    chi I am blessed

    she must be young ...is there any pic
  4. Simisola

    Simisola Well-Known Member

    Any pic pls?
  5. ghanaiangyal

    ghanaiangyal Master Group

    Here is her myspace page. She was in various Ghanaian films and, like Van Vicker and Juliet Ibrahim, a Ghanaian of Liberian descent. I really enjoyed her acting , although they were mini roles here and there. I remember seeing her in Playboy and commenting on "how long I have not seen her face" and she looked real good. Life is too short all- live it to the fullest!

    Rest in Peace Nana Yaa


    An article about her:
  6. bigmomma

    bigmomma NR Patrons

    may she RIP o. nice loking gyal
  7. chi

    chi I am blessed

    ayaa ..... although the face s not striking , she is a young beautiful lady.... But what could have killed her could it be cancer or aids .....umm....may her soul rest in peace
  8. Simisola

    Simisola Well-Known Member

    I agree, she has a forgettable face. May she find a place with the most high.
  9. peculiar

    peculiar Well-Known Member

    Condolences to her friends and family and may God rest her soul.
  10. adjojata42

    adjojata42 Master Group


    may her soul rest in perfect peace.
  11. takestyle

    takestyle Film Pros

    wait... isn't Vashti Jones the Liberian girl who directed and/or produced her own movie (can't remember what it was called)?

    damn... i hit that girl up on Myspace not too long ago, trying to inquire how to get a copy of the movie and she said she would get back to me shortly!

    R.I.P., mama!
  12. truforia

    truforia Film Pros

  13. Jinx

    Jinx Master Group

    Yes takestyle...that's her the movie was called Chosen Paths it was about HIV-AIDS AWARENESS...this is crazy I just saw this young lady in the movie PLAYBOY...she was one of Nadia's friends and there was only 2 so it's easy to narrow it down...
    Vashti may your soul rest in perfect peace...
  14. Nyla

    Nyla Master Group

    so what is happening to african artist? may her soul rest in peace. life is too short.
  15. praizes2000

    praizes2000 Master Group

    Pretty lady, may her soul rest in peace. Sad loss indeed and may God comfort the family this period.
  16. NTB

    NTB NR Patrons

    rest in peace.
  17. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    Watched the movie but so not remember her face..may she rest in perfect peace.
  18. ddizzle

    ddizzle Aunty!

    So sad RIP
  19. goseiant

    goseiant Well-Known Member

    OMG! I just watched the movie playboy over the weekend and thought she was a very cute black girl. May her soul rest in peace.<praying:

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