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Hezekiah Walker

Discussion in 'Religion, Philosophy & Spirituality' started by Evbie, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Evbie

    Evbie Master Group

    Hezekiah Walker, a minister of the Pentecostal faith and one of the most renowned Black ministers in America, has left his cloth in dramatic fashion. Due to a controversial life of secret homosexuality, Walker has come out of the closet during an extremely bitter divorce from his longtime wife Monique Walker.

    According to affiliates close to the family, Monique had long feared there was another side to her husbands sexuality and suspected that her thoughts were confirmed when her husband infected her with a sexually transmitted disease. After confronting Hezekiah about the disease, he fessed up and admitted to carrying on an affair with a man who lives as a transvestite. Sources also said that Walker forced his wife and children from their home so that he could live together with his gay lover.

    Walker’s Down-Low lifestyle even more unbelievable because he is one of the biggest Pastors that is totally against gay life. The Grammy Winning Pastor is expected to step down from his post officially next month.

    Posted by Music News on 02/20 at 04:49 PM
  2. Bolanle Kosoko

    Bolanle Kosoko Master Group

    God cannot be mocked.

    Every secret sin shall be revealed.

    Many are called but a few are chosen

    (All statements are verses of the bible)
  3. Abike

    Abike :)

  4. Abike

    Abike :)

    can you provide a link to this story?

  5. Evbie

    Evbie Master Group

  6. zenke

    zenke New Member

    chineke maizioku chineke meribere
  7. Pete

    Pete NR Patrons

    And that's the link you believed? A more trusted source will be better, Evbie. He can still change if he wants to. He just did the first step by coming out. Donnie McClurkin was once gay aswell, but look at his life now.
  8. zenke

    zenke New Member

    yaro mai amfani

    We hope so
  9. Pete

    Pete NR Patrons

    I had a small grin at this comment: "chineke maizioku chineke meribere". Good attempt at Igbo, really impressive. :biggrinsa

    Correct sentence: Chineke ma eziok(w)u, Chineke merebere.
  10. zenke

    zenke New Member

    yaro mai amfani

    Thanks pete! i dey always here am naija home videos
  11. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

    God should hurry up and come down ohh - iwaited for him in year 2000 (millenium) and he didnt show up. I am tired of this world. I wanna go up there toheaven

    And if you are asking am i ready. yes i am.

    Honestly i wish the world will end today.

    It cant get any worse. In North carolina a 17 yr white boy charged with raping a dog to death, and molesting 2 9yr old girls. Sent to juvenile center, came out on probation and has recently raped another dog to death.

    I am ready to leave now. Today.
  12. Abike

    Abike :)


  13. ohemaa

    ohemaa Master Group

    That's gross, i'd say. :1087:
  14. takestyle

    takestyle Film Pros

    what does "once gay" mean? the man is still gay, o jare!

    and isn't Bobby Jones supposed to be gay too?

    don't sleep on how much homosexuality there is hiding in the church... and i mean in America AND in Naija.
  15. Pete

    Pete NR Patrons

    Who still is? Donnie?
  16. takestyle

    takestyle Film Pros


    he may claim that he's not anymore, and he may be married and refraining from engaging in homesexual activity, but i don't believe that you can "stop being gay" any more than you can stop being black (peace to Michael Jackson)
  17. Pete

    Pete NR Patrons

    Really? Are you suggesting that one cannot change his sexual orientation? Well, you can believe anything you want, but as long as there's no proof of him still living the biblically detestable lifestyle, any unconfirmed belief can be construed as a blind one.
  18. uch21

    uch21 Master Group

    actually, he used to be gay before Christ came into his life and turned his life around , now he is a new creature and therefore, he is no longer gay
    as for Hezekiah, if this story is true, confessing openly is a step towards becoming a new being in Christ as somebody already stated.moreover, Nobody is above sin sha.
  19. takestyle

    takestyle Film Pros

    i don't think being gay is a sin, though. and i think that these dudes would be a lot happier if they would just be honest with themselves and live openly as gay men. i could respect that.

    i mean, Walker was one of the most virulently anti-gay advocates out there... and all the time he was indulging himself in private. sounds to me like he had some issues.

    btw where exactly in the Bible does it say that being gay is a sin? just out of curiosity...
  20. Hubscrown

    Hubscrown Film Pros

    May God have mercy on the person that made up that report. That site is a gossip site. Only those who are not reasonable enough will believe anything from it.

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