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Meet My Cousin, a 2009 movie

Discussion in 'African Movie Reviews' started by truforia, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. truforia

    truforia Film Pros

    Meet My Cousin is a movie starring Van Vicker and Gazman Pierre. The movie is primarily in English with a little bit of Creole, and is coming to DVD.

  2. Beautiful_Soul

    Beautiful_Soul I'm in my Own Group!

    Oooh can't wait...
  3. truforia

    truforia Film Pros

    a du caca

    During the live talk show in Miami, Van agreed to do a film together with Reginald Lubin that would be shot entirely in Haiti. In Meet My Cousin, Van actually speaks Creole after speaking on the phone with his cousin Mia; Something that if translated, would be something around the lines of...“What kind of bullsh@t is this?” Gazman Pierre plays the role of Frank; he appears to resemble a cross between Wesley Snipes and Arsenio Hall.

  4. amet13

    amet13 I dey keep my side

    hope it comes out gr8
  5. truforia

    truforia Film Pros

    Alright y'all, this film has been officially released for distribution, and is now available for sale, just in time for the holiday season. :biggrinsa

    I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for some time now, and actually thought it was no longer coming out. But lo and behold, I just got done visiting one of my online movie websites and there it was listed on the front page.

    There's a few reasons why I hope this film turns out to be good. One is that it's a Van Vicker, NollyGolly 2009, Haitian collaboration. And the other is that the story actually doesn't sound half bad..:glasses

    After a break-up with the man she truly loved, Mia, a Haitian woman, found her self in a Live-in relationship with Frank, who wants a commitment and to have a child by Mia.

    The movie stars 2009 Mode Men "Best Actor" winner Van Vicker, and Haitian superstar Gazman Pierre.
  6. nike007

    nike007 Master Group

    ok i have a question regarding the youtube trailer....Does van v have a beard growing on his upper lip....because that thing is distracting me majorly
  7. bigmomma

    bigmomma NR Patrons

    nice noticed it was shot in Miami.

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