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My Private Part 1-3

Discussion in 'African Movie Reviews' started by Wilhemina, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Wilhemina

    Wilhemina New Member

    GOLD PICTURES PRODUCTION Presents My Private Part 1-3

    Starring- Ini Edo, Justus Esiri, Nonso Diobi, Clem Ohamaeze, Ngozi Ezeonu and others.


    A promising young village woman is deceived by a deceitful man who had presented himself as honest and sincere. This caused this young woman so much heart ache that she had to move to Abuja. Unknown to her that her friend stock in-trade is prostitution. Now she runs to the church only to find worse atrocities within the walls of the church. Confusion has become the order of the day.

    Saw the movie frontcover and it looks like a nice movie but what kind of title is this now maybe they title is all about private part (lol) or they are talking about most nollywood movie titles do not have anything to do with the movie. Anyway the movie has a good cast let us wait for some reviews because even though with such a good cast the movie may turn out to be crap.
  2. Abike

    Abike :)

  3. Mojames

    Mojames youwillbeok!!!

    What????????? Is this really a movie title? how do you tell your child to bring the movie...

    Mom: John, pls bring dat movie for me...
    John: Which movie mom?
    Mom: Private part.....
    John: : Ok, mom..sconf:

    Nollywood ooooo, wetin we do una now??????
  4. peculiar

    peculiar Well-Known Member

    :lol Mo!! Mo!!! Mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just fractured one of my ribs! :laugh:

    :eek: Seriously though!!!???? :eek: That's a movie title???? :(
  5. peculiar

    peculiar Well-Known Member

  6. funmo

    funmo GOD pikin!

    If you see the cover sef, fear go catch una. I have refused to buy it all this time just because there is no way on earth I am going to have a movie in my house called private part. Good heavens! It's not hard to know the caliber of the people who title these movies. Oga Sola don talk say all they read is Ikebe Super, and it is absolutely true. Rubbish and nonsense:ban:

    And have you ever read any of those synopses on the dvd covers? Junk unlimited. It is most disheartening I tell u!!:(
  7. Abike

    Abike :)

    Can we get a glimpse of the DVD Cover? :D
  8. sky_flies

    sky_flies Film Pros

    No qualms My private part is an obvious Idumota movie
  9. Mojames

    Mojames youwillbeok!!!

    Sis, the title na real wah...:fing33:
  10. funmo

    funmo GOD pikin!

    Find attached. See Ini holding on to her "private part". Its all so crude and disgusting. No finesse whatsoever!!

    Attached Files:

  11. Mojames

    Mojames youwillbeok!!!

    Trust Ini....na she dem go use for that kind...:bouncy
  12. KikisMuffin

    KikisMuffin I no get ya time!!

    Nollyflukes.......Why...why..why???? :laugh: :laugh:

    Err Funmo, she's holding her jugs not her privates in that pic...or is that on the backcover?smokin:

    Edited...I just saw you put it in quotes, LOL...hope that's all she touches!!!:laugh:
  13. becky-white

    becky-white I AM JUST ME

    Na wao,This title is sooooo wrong,gosh.
  14. Abike

    Abike :)

  15. funmo

    funmo GOD pikin!

    Jugs no be part of private part? :fing05:
  16. nike007

    nike007 Master Group

    Haha...dis movie title.....someone was high on maryjane .......
  17. KikisMuffin

    KikisMuffin I no get ya time!!

    :laugh:With Nollyfluke everything is possible oh

    And why does Nonso have his hands on his head in exasperation? Probably rushed to be cast in the film once he read the title thinking he was going to tap some premium nollywood goodie....only to be told to stand back and watch Ini fondle herself.........:laugh: Poor bugger :laugh:
  18. nike007

    nike007 Master Group

    Dey for just call the movie..BOOBIES..now
  19. funmo

    funmo GOD pikin!


    Dis gel! U don crase patapata!!:laugh:
  20. Hubscrown

    Hubscrown Film Pros

    And this pass through censor board too?

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