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Naked in Nollywood

Discussion in 'Nollywood Industry Matters' started by Sola, May 27, 2006.

  1. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    When in 1996, the home movie Domitilla was released, it immediately became a box office hit, grossing over N70 million to the producers and pirates alike. The mad rush for the flick had little to do with fantastic acting and certainly nothing of technical wizardry of the director – even as these were not lacking.

    Being a tale of prostitution and city girls, Domitilla’s main magnetism was a whiff of sex. Poor movie watchers had gone for it in the conclusion that the movie would parade some flesh, raunchy scenes and possibly frontal nudity.

    Right from the moment the seductive posters hit the streets and titillating radio jingle the airwave, the rush of hormone translated into a manic rush for the videotapes. Though Domitilla was such a commercial success, the movie title crept into the Nigerian lexicon, if anybody expected it to be Nigeria’s first erotica, they cursed silently after watching it.

    Whatever the promises and failings of Domitilla, the movie proved that in show business as elsewhere, nothing sells like sex. Already, a huge appetite had been provoked which Kenneth Nnebue cashed in on with his production of Glamour Girls. The latter was more successful if only because it was more daring. Smart in the ways it manoevered within iron cage of censorship, Glamour Girls was able to show some flesh; that of an unknown Eucharia Anunobi in a bathtub scene with Zack Orji. A star was born just as Eucharia emerged Nigeria’s first sex symbol. Movie viewers went on to dub her “Nigeria’s Sharon Stone” and Eucharia lived up to that name, shedding her clothes in more films including Theo Akatugba’s Native

    If Eucharia had any claim to Nollywood’s sex symbol, she got a good run from actresses like Barbara Udoh, Halima Abubakar (nicknamed the wild cat) and Bimbo Akintola, the busty graduate of University of Ibadan who, it was revealed by her former boyfriend (actor Yemi Solade), never wore anything under her dress. The bad girls’ club would receive a boost when Shan George shocked her pastor, dramatically shedding her good girl image only to snap up in rapid succession, semi-nude roles which she intepreted with leather outfits that left little to the imagination. Tried as she did to be certified queen of erotica, Shan was eclipsed by an unknown but daring actress named Cossy Orjiakor who took Nollywood by storm with her uninhibited spirit and watermelon chest.

    With actresses like Angela Phillips, Foluke Daramola, Ronke Oshodi, Grace Evaly and Jennifer Eliogu, Cossy certainly was not the first woman to come to Nollywood with voluptuous breasts. Though good acting ability was not one of her strong points, she became an instant phenomenon with her generous display of her most prized assets, in the process building a cult following of drooling perverts.
    With a degree in Accounting and a Masters in Management from the best of schools, Cossy never pretended to anyone that she could act a great deal. Her ticket to fame was her natural endowment and with that chest, she redefined sex on the screen, not only taking it to the roof, but dismissing the likes of Eucharia Anunobi and Shan George as “old school.”

    Before Cossy, Nollywood’s video features fell into five clearly distinguishable genres: Voodoo, love stories, epic, comedy and gangster movies. With Cossy, sex or erotic thrillers was blatantly added. Movie producers raced to her with scripts specially written for her. With films like Outcast and Itohan, the story lines all had excuses and sequences for Cossy to bare her body. The busty actress did not disappoint anyone. She proved herself a happy exhibitionist even as she became the target of housewives’ venom. As it turned out, Cossy’s mammary glands were as sought after outside film location as inside it. On TV stations across the country, the girl from Anambra State became the subject of heated debates among clerics, academics, film critics, bigots and liberals alike.

    Cossy had over 15 movies to her credit, but in what would amount to a conspiracy to yank her off the screen, producers began to drop her like a hot potato. With the Censors Board banning almost all her last movies, the producers having incurred huge losses were unwilling to gamble anymore with her boobs.

    One man however, who continued to gamble with Cossy was the dimunitive music promoter, Gbenga Adewusi. A shrewd businessman, Adewusi was the pioneer of lecherous music videos in Nigeria. Having watched with delight the commercially successful marriage of porn and Hip-hop in America, the CEO of Bayowa Films and Records International was hell-bent in procuring local materials’ to produce his own version of Luke’s Freakshow, Hip-Hop Honeys, Snoop Dogg’s Diary of a pimp and 50 cent’s Groupie Love and And the Lord said … Let there be Pum Pum, among others.

    Styling himself as an avant garde, Obesere – the popular Fuji musician, notorious for his gutter lyrics – was a natural choice for Bayowa’s project. Together they produced Gogo Night in 2000 which unbelievably showed glimpses of pubis. To this day, it remains a mystery how Bayowa was able to navigate without drowning in the stormy waters of both the National Film and Video Censor’s Bard (NFVCB) and the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) which had variously yanked off air Femi Kuti’s innocuous Bang Bang Bang and Zule Zoo’s Kerewa. Allegations of heavy inducement were rife but having tested the waters, Bayowa raised the stake even higher.

    He had gone ahead to sign on the voluptuous Cossy who was only too happy to lead a pack of other skimpily clad ladies to wiggle, pout and titillate in a succession of X-rated musical including Apple Juice, His Excellency, Fuji Gyration and G-String Carnival. Clips of these raunchy videos were advertised on television and while some viewers concluded that Cossy had finally gone off the hook of sanity, the actress *** erotic dancer was reportedly coveted by rich politicians and their sons. But nobody could prove a thing on Cossy. For all her recklessness’ and ‘plain naivety’, however, Cossy silenced her critics when she acquired a choice property in Lekki.

    If Cossy was an embarrassment to her folks back home, the emotion was nothing compared to that elicited by Kano-born Halima Abubakar who, like Cossy Orijiafor, came to Nollywood with an open mind. Having weighed the odds against her, Halima was quick to put a tattoo to her breast and flaunted it in the right places. She was soon linked with half a dozen footballers, including Celestine Babayaro. Yes, Halima got a few roles in the movies but she got more roles out of moviedom and got jobs to confirm this. Unlike Cossy, she added a lot more class to her art, and even did a photo shot for T&B Lingerie in Paris. Among other things, she has done a calendar job in South Africa.

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  2. kolinzo

    kolinzo Oodua4life

    I read this yesterday and wanted to ask a question, perhaps you might be of help area pops. Has any movie yielded more sales than DOMITILA? According to that source Domitila made over 70million naira. Do you know area fada?
  3. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    I can't say categorically Kolinzo. Too much inconsistency in the tabulating of these figures.
  4. 4Satat

    4Satat Guest

    talking of naija porn, back when I was in University in naija, stories abound then of white men paying girls to 'do' with their dogs etc and some being recorded by Lagos men and Abuja merchants. Heard the guys were well paid and that the movies were exported out of naija for sale.

    Hmmm... I wonder if any of those movies resurfaces, how many "now happily married women's" past and girls gone wild in college streaks would be exposed........ just wondering...... porno has been in naija well befor now, abi?
  5. Tanisha

    Tanisha Master Group

    From the article: 'Another porn outlet discovered by Saturday Sun was on Awolowo Way Ikeja, at a building next door to MEB Eye Clinic. Inside a shop, aptly named Love Shop, that sold foreign adult magazines, perfumes, lingeries and wait for this, dildos, this reporter purchased a Nigerian porn entitled ‘A Forest Of Flowers’'

    Is there anything wrong with dildos? One module i took in uni explained how dildos are good and can enhance sex btwn couples.
    Is it wrong to use dildos or it is a sin?
  6. mimi victor

    mimi victor Master Group

    Why dildos? Where is the real thing, The pestle is for the mortar Why using the stick.Seeing a good porn video. You dont want to see plastic or latex or whatever they made them with. You want a real flesh and blood. Says my friend.
  7. chi

    chi I am blessed

    I agree with Sola too much inconsistency, I happen to watch the interview of the actresses concernced I mean Domitilla and I can remember hearing someone saying Ann Njamenze's was paid #90,000 and some of the others #70 though that was huge then . I don't think the producers made close to the specified amount
  8. Hubscrown

    Hubscrown Film Pros

    Even in monogamous relations, people contact HIV/STD doing the so called flesh to flesh thing. I believe if you watch any porn movie that doesn't use latex you should feel sorry for whoever they going to be sleeping with next, who knows, it may be that your crush.smokin:
  9. mimi victor

    mimi victor Master Group

    Hi Hubs, I am talking about what they make the dildos with. Not the video itself. What do you need them for If you are married Or in a mono--relationship. I dont belive in bedhopping. And I am an advocate for Con-- I work in the health field, So I know the value.
  10. Meddeen250

    Meddeen250 Humanitarian

    Good point.smokin:
  11. takestyle

    takestyle Film Pros

    ummmm.... i guess i'll reserve my comments.
  12. Gen Sani Abacha

    Gen Sani Abacha SUPREME DICTATOR

    Don't hold back dawg, just spill it!!! :D
  13. zenke

    zenke New Member

    Nigeria porn 've heard of it but have not seen one
  14. takestyle

    takestyle Film Pros

    basically, i've never understood all the hullabaloo about "Nigerian porn" and "nude Nollywood"... i went out of my way to watch a lot of the films that i heard were banned for pornographic content, and not a single one of them had even a second of actual nudity (of course, i found that rather disappointing too! heh heh heh )

    i just think it's really much ado about nothing. sure, Cossy was ridiculous with the way her boobs were always hanging out, but i was more offended by the fact that she was a such a poor actress (and not even all that good-looking in general IMHO) but i still think there's something sinister about persecuting a woman because she happens to have been generously endowed in the mammary department.
  15. cyndi

    cyndi Master Group

    Does it actually exist though? I doubt it.
  16. Gen Sani Abacha

    Gen Sani Abacha SUPREME DICTATOR

    You better behave yourself young man!!! :bouncy
    To be honest, I never watched most of those movies(except Glamour Girls and The Prostitute) back in the day. Glamour girls was as bit full on for a Naija thing, the prostitute was alright, cos there were no explicit or crude scenes, so you concentrated on the story, a good thing in my opinion grinning:
  17. grafikdon

    grafikdon Film Pros

    Porn in Naija? I seriously doubt it. The only Naija porn I remember was a comic magazine called 'Lolly'. We never spoil reach that level...hoe u go act that kind movie when u know say mama Osondu and Papa Longinus fit take a peek and spot you...wait a second! So why the heck would Mama Osondu and Papa Longinus watch porn? Ahhhh...I think Naija can get away with that since Papa Longinus and Mama Osondu will try to hush for fear of exposing their bizarre hobby if they spot their neighbour's daughter Ogbenyeanu hanging out her entire anatomy for all to see.
  18. zenke

    zenke New Member

    yaro mai amfani

    So wetin come b ya point now?
  19. grafikdon

    grafikdon Film Pros

    ...Lizard no fit grow bia bia. smokin:
  20. ogonna

    ogonna Master Group

    Twas bound to happen. Fow how long would we smirk and ogle our francophone sisters on Ivorien and Congolese mapouka before a smart naija entrepreneur would finally hit upon the idea of exploiting the 'abundant talents' of our Italo sisters.

    BTW, if you watch some of the music videos on naija tv today.....hmmmmm.....best that your missus is not sitting near you - that's all i can say!

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