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Old Skool Naija Music

Discussion in 'All Music' started by RisingStar, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. RisingStar

    RisingStar Registered

    I am about to throw a Naija themed party at the end of the month and currently have loads of modern Naija music but very limited old skool stuff. I currently have a few songs by people like Evi Edna Ogholi, Christy Essien, Fela etc. But I would like to get my hands on songs by artists like Felix Liberty. Does any one know where I can download/purchase old skool Naija music?

    I have also forgotten quite a few songs that were released in the 1980s and 1990s and would really appreciate people's help to jog my memory.

    Any assistance would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance................
  2. Field Marshal


    No forget Beautiful Woman by Cloud 7!:D
  3. Tiron

    Tiron Master Group

    Can help you with these early 80s that comes to mind for now:

    - Bongos Ikwe - Whats gonna be (or was this late 70s sef?)

    - Dizzy K Falola - Baby Kilode

    - Terracota, Femi Segun - City called Sodom

    - Mandators - Don't remember title

    - Tony Okoroji - There was a popular one with chorus ..'okoreye okoro'.. or
    something along those lines.

    Will be back as I remember more.
  4. NTB

    NTB NR Patrons

    With no invite I do not work for free sweat:
  5. NTB

    NTB NR Patrons

    Party Highlife Mix CD
    Sugar Boomborn Medley
    Taxi Driver
    Sweet Mother
    Nwannem Eby Zina
    Anam Elechi
    Olomi Jowo
    Mama Dey For Cumba
    Famuno Bo Ibroma
    One Pound No Balance

    Flashback 70's and 80's CD
    Fuel For Love
    Be My Own
    I've Been Loving You
    No Body Fails
    Still Searching
    Love Rocks
    Slim at Maggie
    No Body Called Me
    It's Gonna Be A Good Day
    Money to Burn
    She's My Choice
    Whizzy Kabo
    Sitting On The Beach
    Come Back Love
    Kissing You So Hard
    She's A Drop Out
    Palm Wine Tapper
    Dangling Time
    Give The Great A Chance
    To Whom It May Concern
  6. Gen Sani Abacha

    Gen Sani Abacha SUPREME DICTATOR

    Omoge by Mike Okri
    Balasen by Mike Obi
    Coolu Temper by Lagbaja
    Allen Avenue by Weird MC
    E je ka jo by Xtasy
    Send down the rain by Majek Fashek
    Bang Belly by Blackky
  7. msjollies

    msjollies Planner Extraodinaire

    Well if you want real old skul club mix like set it off -straif, nothing's goin on but rent-gwen guthrie, all in all-joyce simms, walk on by-sybil, back 2 life- soul2soul, i quite a few oldies cds.
  8. RisingStar

    RisingStar Registered

    Nice one! Keep them coming grinning:
  9. RisingStar

    RisingStar Registered

    You are invited as long as you display your awilo dancing skillz smokin:
  10. RisingStar

    RisingStar Registered

    My Boo! How are you doing today? I missed you O! hbeat: hbeat:
  11. RisingStar

    RisingStar Registered

    Thanks for the recommendations but I said Old Naija Music!!!!!!
    Abi you no sabi read???? sweat: sweat:
  12. msjollies

    msjollies Planner Extraodinaire

    You no serious, i just dey think say oldies generally
  13. Gen Sani Abacha

    Gen Sani Abacha SUPREME DICTATOR

    My sugarbreadedbutter...hbeat: Missed ya loads babes. How've u been gurl ? I'm kool like dat, i rule like dat, n' i'm phat like dat, cos i'm hot like dat...:love004:

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