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Omo Ni Kara, beautiful flick

Discussion in 'Yoruba Movies Reviewed' started by mealone, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. mealone

    mealone Well-Known Member

    STARRING: FUNSO ADEOLU, FEMI BRANCH(my boifren), JIDE KOSOKO,REMI YUSUF(ex remi abiola), mama rainbow

    STORY: funso Adeolu was a disabled person, his parents(jide kosoko, remi yusuf) and his younger brother(muyideen oladapo) did not want to have anything to do with him because of his disability, boluwatife (funso adeolu) was always on lock down in his room whenever they had visitors or his father’s political associates were around.his younger brother was treated as the first born and only child (In short funso adeolu was seen as a curse to them)
    Due to the fact that he was ignored, he developed friendship with their washerman Adex(femi branch) who loved him soo much. In the course of this friendship, the washer man discovered that boluwatife even though disabled had a wonderful talent which is his singing. (And yes funso can sing very well). He took bolouwatife to his singing group which he belongd to. The parents were sooo mad that they fired adex and shipped boluwatife to the village to stay there............................ how did bolu's talent come into lime light, findout what happened to his parents and how they handled the disability situation
    go get a copy today

    My own take: a wonderful movie that I would give 9/10.very emotional movie believe it or not, this movie made me cry(real tears) there was a scene where funso adeolu was singing and crying and he fell to his knees and then femi branch his friend pulled him up and hugged him then they started singing (eni ti iwo ba ni ikpa lati se iranlowo fun o, oun naa lenni keji re, tooju re) tears were just rolling on my cheeks.

    Funso adeolu deserves an award for his excellent act in this movie; he acted the disabled part soooooo damnnnnnn well.he acted beyond convinction.AND THE SOUND TRACK AT THE END WAS SUNG BY FUNSO ADEOLU(boy can he sing)

    FEMI BRANCH- I just loooooooooove this guy more. He acted as an ibo washer man and his Yoruba got me rolling. He spoke Yoruba with a real igbo accent and you would think he were a real igbo man. His acting was 2 thumbs up.grinning:

    The only thing was the dancing group practice, the scene was a lirru bit longer than necessary but all the same, this movie enters my A-List. :bouncy
  2. leggy

    leggy change is constant

    i love yoruba films a lot...just dat i dont get to see them here often.
    this really sounds interesting to me.....will tell my mum to get it across to me soon.
    she just sent 'onitemi' by dorris simon days bk.
  3. Pretty Girl

    Pretty Girl Master Group

    Getting my hands on it as soon as possible.grinning:

    BTW, Madam, is that your graduation picture on you avatar? na so I no just hia nada from you oh!smokin:
  4. Iya Laje

    Iya Laje Master Group

    I wanro see this!!!
  5. Abike

    Abike :)

    I wanra see it too!!!
  6. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros

    I saw the advert but didnt think it would be that nice as u have said, would give it a try.
  7. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    Emi ti wo eleyi na.Mo ti place order,kiamosa!
  8. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros

    Loved it, performance from Funsho Adeolu and femi Branch was awesome. I have always known that funsho Adeolu is a great actor but he just nailed it for me in that movie. femi Branch is great too.
  9. leggy

    leggy change is constant

    i dont now why i keep forgetting d title of ds film whenever i go to d video club......the only thing i keep remembering is ''beautiful flick''
  10. omonaija

    omonaija New Member

    very funny movie with femi branch speaking with igbo accent and funsho playing a disabled peron, lol

    overall good movie though. AND IT ONLY HAS ONE PART!!!

  11. Iya Laje

    Iya Laje Master Group

    I had it since, maybe I should watch it today
  12. mealone

    mealone Well-Known Member

    pshuuu......... whatcha waiting for gurl???
  13. Iya Laje

    Iya Laje Master Group

    Wow...I really enjoyed this movie, and it was really emotional. I can't believe his parents were treating him like that, did he ask to be brought into this world? some people sha...

    Enikeni ti'wo ba nipa, lati se iranlowo fun, ohun naa lenikeji re...toju re....

    Some parts of Funsho's acting though, he looked like he didn't really get it, and it just seemed like he was making fun...

    Femi branch sometimes didn't sound Igbo oo, he sounded like Egun peeps...

    And the dude that played Funsho's brother is so razzz

    In the part that Funsho was singing for the politicians, the chick that was dancing Yahooze was entertaining

    I love the singing part also because those words were just sinking in the parents and the brother's head, as in I'm sure they wanted to enter the ground..lol
  14. kolinzo

    kolinzo Oodua4life

    Two thumbs up! Highly recomended! Smashing! I loved it! Funso Adeolu for best actor of the year! Go watch it!
  15. praizes2000

    praizes2000 Master Group

    Saw the preview and was taken aback with Funso's act, even Femi's Yoruba in Igbo accent is good, me lovin them in the movie.

    Will sure get to watch it this weekend.
  16. Abike

    Abike :)

    My take!

    Starring: Jide Kosoko, Funsho Adeolu, Femi Branch, Fathia Balogun, Remi Yusuf

    Ahhhh…what can I say that hasn’t been said?

    Well, let me start with Funso’s performance….i applaud it, I like the fact that he was cast appropriately, (at least he wasn’t playing a University student in this one! grinning: )

    On HOW he delivered the role, well, that’s where I beg to differ,…the thought that occurred to me was if the producers of this film could have found a “mildly disabled” person that could have delivered this role much better,….how hard would that be in Nigeria? Just throwing it out there….I remember watching the pursuit of happiness (with will smith) and in one shot he said they actually used homeless people in San Francisco to drive home the point, and for some of those homeless people who got paid for their role, it was the first thing they had done in a while that made them feel like a real person….I only had that thought because Funso could have done better….like someone said, in some parts it looked as if he was REALLY faking it, which was a turn off for me….personali!

    Oh…Femi Branch….he did well in this role, I’ve said it before…my test of an actor’s true ability rests on his/her ability to play different types of roles, to perfection……

    The movie reminded me of the movie RADIO – the friendship between “Adex” and Bolu that is….

    Thanks to this movie for bringing out some of these salient African/Nigerian issues that makes us hide certain things that don’t need hiding…Why do we do that anyway? Are we ashamed? Or is because of the lack of the right infrastructures? Ooops…..Wrong thread! :1200:

    And was the driver named OKELE??? LOL!!! :roll

    All in all, I give this movie a beautiful 7.8/10
  17. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    Sinima yi o bad,but mo like performance Femi Branch ju ninu gbogbo awon osere to wa ninu ere na.
    Good show.
  18. praizes2000

    praizes2000 Master Group

    Femi Branch was really a bomb and I like the way Fathia was looking at him when he was dancing at the group meeting.
    I also like when Mama Rainbow was watching him and Funso when he went to the village and Femi called Mama R, Sisi Oge.

    Good movie.
  19. Sweetchocolate

    Sweetchocolate Omonaija tio gba gbere

    I'm looking for this flick men..
  20. peculiar

    peculiar Well-Known Member

    Its on youtube sis!:spiny:

    I'm about to watch it now!grinning:

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