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Patience Ozorkor Deserves to Win "ALL" Awards

Discussion in 'Nollywood Movie Stars' started by Atlakos, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

    Has Patience ever win any awards at all yet.

    A non african friend and i were watching Behind Closed Doors with Patience Ozorkor, he enjoyed it and asked me at the end if Patience has gotten awards before for her acting, and i said i dont know. As much as she is one of my favorite , i have never heard of her winning any of the awards.

    If they have never awarded her then its loooooooooooooooong overdue, cos she is one of the most E X C E L L E N T ACTRESSES i have ever known.

    She deserves all the awards there is out there that they give in Nigeria and beyond.

    She is the best, and her smile Kills me (literally) - she has the most beautiful smile.

  2. olatoludipe

    olatoludipe BOSS LADY

    grinning: :1iagree: :1iagree: :worshippy
  3. ilammie

    ilammie Master Group

    i second what you said, i love her acting she is funny i watch her in old school and it was well done. i do hope they will give her an award one of these days
  4. Dsampler

    Dsampler D. Ultimate Naija Ruler

    ...um...em..I...I just wanna give a shoutout to Patience's pair of Jeans in the movie "Old School".

    I also wannna give a shoutout to the way she pick race at the end of the movie "One dollar" when Jim Iyke went crazy on everybody.
  5. zelifat

    zelifat Master Group

    I ill be really surprised if she hasn't won any major awards yet cos she's good at her job. Loved her in Old school and Private sin. Haven't seen her in any new movies though.
  6. kaymax

    kaymax Master Group

    Tru Dat
  7. Jinui

    Jinui Master Group

    one dollar is still my best Nigerian homvie.i love her dressing in dat movie esp in the Cassava farm when she went to threaten d lady.she is such a gud actress.
  8. sarah

    sarah Master Group

    mama G all the way, but what happened to behind closed doors? she acted very well but i thot she was shouting or is it screaming too much?
  9. cyndi

    cyndi Master Group

    I love Patience
  10. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    She's ok,but win all awards?I am not so sure about that.Atlakos is obviously very smiten by her.
  11. Shekua

    Shekua Master Group

    Mama G is tough! I love her role in "Under Fire"
  12. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

    yes i am - i love her acting immensely. She always entertains me well:460:
  13. sarah

    sarah Master Group

    and she was also good in mothers in-law, i loved her
  14. ngaro

    ngaro New Member

    very very true , patience is my favourite actress that i admired: her smile always moved me.if she havn't recieve any award, its means they most be something wrong somewhere. check out!!!!!!!
  15. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros

    Dont think she has won any major awards before sha...she is talented and deserves to win one, at least.
  16. kolinzo

    kolinzo Oodua4life

    She's the best actress in Nollywood, period!
  17. mealone

    mealone Well-Known Member

    all the way with you on that, she just has this mischevious smile that cracks you up :D :D
  18. zenke

    zenke New Member

    yaro mai amfani

    :1iagree: :1iagree:
    But why e b say na only bad woman she dey act 4 her films????
  19. solatoks

    solatoks naija rules 4ever

    You are right I have to agree she's such a great actress kudos to her
  20. Dsampler

    Dsampler D. Ultimate Naija Ruler

    I guess haters' gotta hate. Dats what they do.

    Yes! You heard right!

    "win all awards"!!!!!

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