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prosperity vs wealth

Discussion in 'Religion, Philosophy & Spirituality' started by mealone, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. mealone

    mealone Well-Known Member

    ....................do they mean the same thing? explain................if not what is the difference between wealth and prosperity??

    opinions please. :action-sm
  2. adjojata42

    adjojata42 Master Group

    i think wealth is part of prosperity, being successful in your daily activities is prosperity, academic excellence is prosperity etc etc.
  3. mealone

    mealone Well-Known Member

    so you think they are thesame?
  4. Folashade

    Folashade Master Group

    think they are the same oh.
    ok i dey go think come
  5. adjojata42

    adjojata42 Master Group

    yes mealone, personally i think so, they are the same
  6. mealone

    mealone Well-Known Member

    so if you are lacking financially, would you say you are prosperous??
  7. Pete

    Pete NR Patrons

    Wealth relates to abundance of material possessions/resources; whereas prosperity deals with welfare which includes but not limited to wealth, health (physical and spiritual), marriage, academic achievements, etc. "Brethren, I wish that you may prosper in every way... and that your soul prospers" [3 John 1:2]
  8. buda atum

    buda atum New Member

    No, one cannot say one is prosperous if one lacks financially; though, if one is not financially wealthy, one may be prosperous. One cannot be prosperous, as in having all that one requires, and lack financially, as in not have the finances one requires, unless one does not require finances, in which case one does not lack it, one just does not need it, as in it is not a requirement.

    Just imagine the 70 disciples Jesus sent out to "spread the prosperity around". They had no financial wealth whatsoever, but they were 'wealthy'.
  9. Hubscrown

    Hubscrown Film Pros

    Being wealthy is just a way to quantify your prosperity.

    You are Prosperous through successful achievements. Successful completion of a measure goal with good/encouraging outcome. Reference to Psalm 1.. A righteous person shall be like a tree planted by river side.. everything he does shall prosper.
    Prosperity is equivalent to Success.

    You are wealthy when you have no lack or contented and comfortable to live within the limit of what you can achieve or acquire. Its not an outcome of something you work towards, like prosperity. Wealthiness is a state of being, the measure of wealth depends on individual. As long as you are not impoverish or deprived of things that makes you able to exist as human, you are wealthy.

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