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Royal Battle 1 & 2

Discussion in 'African Movie Reviews' started by samira, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    So I got the movie and I am going to watch it later on today. But here is a brief summary of the story....


    Jackie Appiah
    Van Vicker

    Briana became a victim of arranged marriage to a wealthy prince whose kingdom pre-ordained her to be the next queen in line. Briana family owed allegiance to this royal family and she was to redeem that by marrying the prince.

    Wehn pressure mounts form her mother, the royal family and her friends to marry the prince. How will this poor girl win the battle for her beloved boy friend who not only prove his love, but also beyond the grave.
  2. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    Maybe I have watch three movies with Van Vicker and Nadia in a row and quiet recently and liked the chemistry between them and so I cannot relate to Vicker and Jackie....but, my own is that the two, jackie and vicker have no chemistry whatsoever btween them....the acting was poor and I was not feeling the storyline as a Ghanaian girl will not be found speaking to her mom that way...maybe, young girls have changed in Ghana that I am not aware of...but the whole part one for me was not too real...an asante king is refered to 'nana' in Ghana and so i could not follow the royal highness and all that...no emotions from vicker at all. The only one that I think is honestly a good actress was jackie's friend called Mercedes. Their other friend Foxy acts well but needs to work on her language skills....the guy who acted as Vicker's friend was cool...i recently watched a nigerian movie and some parts of this movie was taken from that movie...i cannot remember the name...the acting in this movie was so unreal. But i loved the music played in the movie and the areas they shown were beautiful...i doubt if i will watch part 2....not necessary and a complete waste of time i will say....I honestly did not feel this movie at all.... i am going to watch madam joan instead...abeg, ama or Eee, if you want this movie let me know and i will send it your way...lol

    does anyone know the name of the girl who acted as Mercedes in this movie? She is the same girl who acted as Ciara in the part 2 of the Beyonce movie...she is indeed a wonderful actress and very pretty.....jackie is also pretty but needs to work on her acting seriously.
  3. olofofogal

    olofofogal Let d smoke carry d point

    RAMSEY NOUAH+GENNY NNAJI =van vicker nadia buari

    i will not spend my money buying these two pple oh,if ghana no get enuff actors they should hire from nollywood,abeg am going to see if its at the joint,but really its becoming so boring with these two together,i dont care what chemistry they have,they way they r breing used,their chemistry will soon become physics!!!
  4. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

    samira Thanks for the sypnosis -
    Now i know to tell my dealer not to bring it - i was waiting for it - but i dont care for it anymore - the referring to the king/chief as "royal highness" will make me fast forward the movie throughout. Am not surprise with your review cos i was NOT expecting much from those two (Van & Jackie) anyway. So far Nadia is the only one i am most impressed by and have high hopes for.

    What they need to do b4 many others loose audience interest is to cough out the money - go to Legon Campus - and recruit some more beautiful "proper and well trained articulate and eloquent actors WHO CAN REALLLLLLY ACT". Pay them $7-10,000 per movie if you have to-you will get your moneys worth - cos if its quality -ppl will bootleg all the want but the majority will buy it - and you can recoup ya money and gain some good reputation for good films. Dont go waving $2000 at these trained actresses - cos to them its an insult. They are behaving as though Van, Nadia and Jackie are the best Ghana can produce and they know damn well thats not true.

    I mean when nollywood started it was just Genny, Ramsey, Emeka, RMD and Stella - we saw these actors constantly in movie after movie after movie - especially my gurl Genny and Emeka. But at least they could act so we never got bored. Bottom line is they need to recruit seriously - they doing well and got some few good kudos with "Beyonce" and "Mummys Daughter" they need to hold on and not loose ppls interest. Its very crucial.

    I really wish someone can produce a nice ghanaian village movie which showcases some tribe and their culture just like we have learnt igbo culture watching these village movies- maybe someday i will do it myself with my ashanti tribe sweat: (The most beautiful thing i ever experience was in 1988 seeing kings & chiefs (incl. my late dad) are being sworn in - all the akan chiefs from all over Ashanti region have to come to witness it in the royal palace, the women, kids and especially the men dancing "Adowa" (every move had its meaning too) - whom reports to whom, the queen mother, the horn blowing with all its meanings - every gesture has a meaning - the customary stuff was so beautiful and so deep- It needs to be showcase someday - its interesting as well as the krobo tribe and when a girl becomes a woman - the customary stuff they go through - its so beautiful)
  5. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    Akos Mena, get it now, you never know you might like it...i did not like it...wish you were close by i will have given it to you. :)
  6. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

    I am in no rush whatsoever for that - Maybe me too i will wait until it hits the joint sweat: sweat: then maybe i can take a hit. I dont mind waiting - cos its not like its going to give me the HIGHsmokin: i want anyway so whats the point in rushing. peanuts.sweat:
  7. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    :shock rush to watch a movie????????? why will you?sweat:
  8. cyndi

    cyndi Master Group

    I just saw this advertised on OBE TV and another one with a Twi title "can't remember now" it stars Van Vicker though i'll be back later with it.
  9. lafemmedi

    lafemmedi Reaching above and beyond

    When this happens let us know grinning:. I am so into the cultural aspect of our heritage. I sorta lament the fact that most of the culture we see in the Naija english homvies is mostly from one area and really hope other tribes gets depicted more and more. Any other African tribe showcasing culture, I'm there with bells on. Besides my brother-in-law is Ashanti, it will be nice to see what it is all about.
  10. ghanaiangyal

    ghanaiangyal Master Group

    Did you find out the name of the movie yet?
  11. cyndi

    cyndi Master Group

    Hi sis, i haven't seen it again i'll post it as soon as i do.
  12. bebelulu

    bebelulu nsukka movia

    Copy cats, Replica of the nigerian movie that featured Rita dominic and Desmond Elliot
  13. monica

    monica genny is the best

    her name is yvonne okoro i learnt she's jackie's sister they both luuk gorgeous.
    love them both.
  14. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    Thanks Monica...i honestly like that girl....two beauties from the same family...cool.:)
  15. Atlakos

    Atlakos Life, Love & Happiness

    finally i saw it - just pitiful.
    (at least be original and not copy - Like someone mentioned Rita and Desmond Elliot have starred in an exact same script - no different). It really frustruates me sometimes cos i know for a fact they can do better than that. You just finally carving a niche for ya self and now ppl might brand you 'CopyCat" - at least the story could have been twisted a lil - just so it doesnt look exactly like the one Rita and Dessy did. if these dudes have run out of scripts i will gladly write one for them for free) - Ewuradi Yesu.
  16. cyndi

    cyndi Master Group

    Oh right, i saw her name but it didn't click, she probably married to a Naija then very pretty and talented.
  17. cyndi

    cyndi Master Group

    Hmm, i'm still waiting for my films charley, i've been waiting too long, tempted to go out and buy it here but no can do, Gh films are too expensive in London cos they're usually on DVD's hardly ever on VCDs so i stopped buying them here a while ago.
  18. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not i have still not watched part two (although I have it) and I have no intention of doing so...the nerve of copy and fail people and how frigging annoying.
  19. amet13

    amet13 I dey keep my side

    I know for a fact that yvonne okoro is not Jackie's sis
  20. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    oh yeah? Well, she is a lovely actress...if you get info on her amet, pls post am..:)

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