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The Lethal Woman 1- 2

Discussion in 'African Movie Reviews' started by Wilhemina, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Wilhemina

    Wilhemina New Member

    Starring -Nonso Diobi, Yemi Blaq, Rukky Sandra, Oge Okoye, Ngozi Ezeonu and others.


    Coming Soon

    This movie came out this week gosh the movie frontcover looks so good nollywood is improving Nonso Diobi is looking too handsome he such a eye candy and yemi blaq is also looking cute. I hope the movie is as good as the frontcover. But what sort of title is tis Lethal woman. :knuck
  2. adjojata42

    adjojata42 Master Group

    I watched this movie yesterday.
    nonso is a playboy who befriends women and dumps them just like that. his mum ngozi warns him about this behaviour and advises him to stop and get married. nonso's best friend is yemi. both run a club together. nonso befriend's rukky, and later befriend's oge, but he seems to love oge more and decided to break up with rukky. and this is where the trouble stays, rukky 'caught' nonso in her house and started tormenting and torturing him.

    i did not enjoy the movie, fortunately i rented it from a rental service.
  3. Folashade

    Folashade Master Group

    i watched it like two or three weeks ago. i didnt enjoy it.
  4. Faith

    Faith New Member

    ok...against my better judgement i bought and watched this movie last nite. I must say even more than most poorly made movies this has to be the greatest dissapointment i have seen from Nollywood.
    How how can one COPY a movie so shamelessly???? couldnt even make one scene original???All those involved should be ashamed...used to love nonso and regarded Yemi highly but they cant say they didnt know they were "acting" Martin Lawrence's A Thin line btw love and hate....
    Rukky even had the nerve to say she is responsible for "story/screenplay"....NOW THATS FUNNY!
  5. Hubscrown

    Hubscrown Film Pros


    Case closed.
  6. Thickmadam


    oh brother...this is going to get ugly
  7. Simisola

    Simisola Well-Known Member

    Make loverman egbon Finsi come save the case o. :roll :roll
  8. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros

    Yes they copied martin lawrence's A thin line btw love and hate, word for word, scene for scene and it was so pathethic.

    they didnt even have the creativity to edit and add their own stuffs....the only stuffs they changed was cos their budget couldnt achieve that....the delivery was so sick.
  9. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    Simi,why are you calling me out now?I did not like the homvie either,and i stated that in another thread.I did not even know it was copied from a hollywood flick.
    But then,is that not the usual practice of nollywood "writers"?No be so so copy copy most of them dey do?What is new?
    Rukky simply joined the bandwagon,abi.
  10. Folashade

    Folashade Master Group

  11. bigmomma

    bigmomma NR Patrons

    ehen cos i mumu'ed myself and bought the movie boy was i pissed i was saying to myself i have seen this movie somewhere b4 and i was telling my friend what will happen next in the movie but sure as heck couldnt remember where i had seen the movie. Its straight up thin line btwn love and hate with angela and martin lawrence.

    Kwik Question? Ruky's xter is supposed to be a professional right? why the heck was she dressed like a $2 hoochie all thru the movie. Girl we know you got a banging body but pls dress up nicely to potray the profesional realtor you are supposed to be playing. That one disgusted me sha i was like what is she trying to prove for the movie sef? say she get club wears or what? hiss
  12. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros


    The lethal woman centres on two young play boys or rather, young men having the fun of their lives humping and chasing women around lagos, at least thats what we were shown. Together they both run “Club X”. When one of them meets a pretty lady, Anita (Rukky Sanda), he sees her as a potential victim and does all he can to have her and move on to the next victim, but the moment he messes up, she refuses to let go and she is out to prove to him that he has messed with the wrong woman.

    My Two Kobos: From the opening montage till the very end of this movie was outrightly poorly done. The sound track was busy all the time and they just didn’t know when necessary to put a particular one. The storyline wasn’t also original. If you have watched “a thin line btw love and hate” starring Martin Lawrence, then this is the upside down version. When i say upside down, i mean it in every context of the word, Rukky sanda who happens to be the writer of this flick, copied love and Hate word for word, scene for scene, i mean it would be appropriate that if you would steal someone’s work, you should be creative about the way you go with it, it even sucked more cos i had just seeing love and hate that morning and then was watching this in the evening. Rukky sanda is a beautiful woman but sometimes i felt it make up were a bit too much and should have been reduced, her costumes sometimes made her pass away as a ballerina.
    Nonso Diobi has always had promise in my books as far as acting is concerned but he was horrendous in this flick, and those wanna bee American accent, was it really called for? This was also the wrong movie but Yemi blaq whom i think and still think is a master piece any day. Directing was poor, continuity bad, sound, zero, lighting was a big no no and screen play just wasn’t any better.
    This is one horrible flick that could win an award or cart away so many awards at any “worst nollywood flick awards”. I breathed a sigh of relief when it ended as i couldn’t wait to be over and done with, this was pure torture.

    Rating: 0.5/10 (thumps down)
  13. nike007

    nike007 Master Group

    oh my God this movie was horrible the accent drove me crazy.................the chick rukky her voice was cracked all through and nonso was so annoying he was like
    : becruse instead of because
    : eble instead of able
    : no we cool instead of no we are cool
    :u should gat sumtin for me instead of u should have for me

    then there was this scene that lasted for 5mins with three boys krumping in the club ...omg and there was no point at all, and then the guy with braided hair was just one unnecesary waka pass..... oh the girl was all "i have an MBA from oxford" wetin u dey do for naija now?......................ok if u want to watch a movie and laugh at the actors and actresses making the movies this is the one to watch...........
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  14. takestyle

    takestyle Film Pros

    i laughed at this MUCH more than i should have...
  15. BostonChica

    BostonChica New Member


    Oh Lord i havent laughed that hard in a long time. thank u Nike for pointing out all the extremely stupid things about this movie. but there was alot more. of course.
  16. blackbutterfly

    blackbutterfly Well-Known Member

    Chei! If she no cry before, she go really cry now!
  17. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    Nonso Diobi a player in the movie? He couldn't even handle one woman in 'Caught in the act' let alone several women...:roll ...that does it for me...will not even borrow it let alone buy it...these copy cat folks seriously need to be sued big time.
  18. nike007

    nike007 Master Group

    Rukky shouldmake an original movie there are plenty of stories to tell.................i am sure u can find one........u are a good actress for what it is worth tough.......
  19. sarah

    sarah Master Group

    nike you cracked me up with your earlier post because-becrause he he he lol i told my friend to buy the movie then after reading the review i decided otherwise now i need to watch it just to hear the accent nike is talking about i feel bad for rukky i hope she'll prove some critics wrong next time
  20. Beautiful_Soul

    Beautiful_Soul I'm in my Own Group!

    They must have changed the wording a little bit here and there...

    In terms of it copying a thin line between love and hate... I loved that film, so if it is an exact replica then this one should be good too right?

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