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The Perfect Picture 1 - 3

Discussion in 'African Movie Reviews' started by ghanaiangyal, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. ghanaiangyal

    ghanaiangyal Master Group

    Seems interesting

    Starring Jackie Appiah, Chris Attoh, Forson, etc. From the producer of Scorned and Life and Living It.

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  2. ghanaiangyal

    ghanaiangyal Master Group

    Ghana Entertainment News of Thursday 19 March 2009
  3. zelifat

    zelifat Master Group

    Looks really promising....will look out for it.
  4. Angela81

    Angela81 Film Pros

  5. sky_flies

    sky_flies Film Pros

    Jackie appears slim, sexy and set, I'm so happy I can now see her movies without bothering on layers of fats :laughing: :1244: I think........ are left- they need to be anorexic
  6. ghanaiangyal

    ghanaiangyal Master Group

  7. takestyle

    takestyle Film Pros

    The trailer feels a bit corny for my tastes, but at the very least I appreciate the effort they seem to have put into injecting *some* sense of distinct personality into the promotional materials as opposed to these "screaming" previews.

    It makes the movie feel like an event that one can't afford to miss rather than just another video. I might even check it out.

  8. Iya Laje

    Iya Laje Master Group

    Jackie looks so pretty in that picture!
  9. chi

    chi I am blessed

    the preview reminds me of another tyler perry's movie........it looks goood..... but i hope i wont be disappointed ..... like the movie 'scorned'
  10. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros

    Nice trailer. Am becoming a fan of Shirley..
  11. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros

  12. dammy

    dammy Ramsey republic

    It luks Rather mad cant wait to watch it. Really enjoyed 'life and living it'
  13. cyndi

    cyndi Master Group

    Hi guys, for those of you in London Perfect Picture will be showing at Stratford Rex on 16th May at 16:00. I think i'll catch it as it looks good.
  14. dammy

    dammy Ramsey republic

    Aww wish i could go to see it. I hve got eggzamz then :(
  15. adjojata42

    adjojata42 Master Group

    this movie is finally out. i watched it yesterday and i really loved the movie. about ten minutes into the movie it was boring and dull but it picked up afterwards, and i must say shirley has done a good job. it is not a 'loud' movie, it's about three female friends and their love life, the laughters, the tears, the fun, etc, i now understand why shirley wanted it to be released on valentine's day but couldn't beat the deadline. jackie has really slimmed down. as usual there was some flaws, but overall it was a nice movie.

    i will keep this one in my few collections.
  16. moviewizard

    moviewizard Film Pros

    I have this one courtesy of the lovely Kikkis, and boy, did i love it? I still have to see it again though cos i was doing so many things at a time.
  17. Nyla

    Nyla Master Group

    this movie is delicious! a very good one, she out did herself with this one, Chris gets better and better.......
  18. ghanaiangyal

    ghanaiangyal Master Group

    This movie has taken long to come out..gosh why?
  19. samira

    samira Well-Known Member

    Charlie, my girlfriend watched it and is very impressed with the movie. I cannot wait to watch it this weekend.
  20. Angela81

    Angela81 Film Pros

    So, we had a bit of a glitch and had to hold shoots again and I decided to watch this movie...yes ohhh, it was online.

    my review.

    on the whole, I was a bit disappointed. I will take white waters over perfect picture any day.
    it was visually interesting, clean work, but how can you have a 35 adapter and not be adventurous with your camera? and if the adapter is not available to you throughout, please, just don't use it at all. the technical directing was very textbook and amateurish.

    the story.
    hmm. the story was there. but the development was flawed and lacked logic. Jackie's character pulled it off very nicely, I must give her kudus for that.

    I will not blame the actors at all but the writer.director. half of the dialogue was very cliche, trying to mimick all these Americanized terms and jargons. in the end, it was very immature. now to someone who lives in Africa and has not been exposed to these mature movies, this is the best yet, but to people with a developed mind, it is very naive. and I use my words sparingly.

    so many things just happened out of nowhere. are you telling me that a corporate woman, found no one in her office plaza to give her a ride other than an air-condition repairer who she just kicked out of her office in the morning? come on. that's a tired plot.

    and if Dede was a man-eater, can we see that? we only hear that she is a man eater and never see it until she falls in love with her boss another overly too easy plot.

    Jackie and Chris, this whole movie should have been from their POV only. they did very well, but then, why couldn't the husband get an erection? would have been nice to go into that, it was implied that he did not sexually respond to his wife, ok...why? was she timid in bed? or overwhelm him?

    ohh, ok. they just had to go online and it just happened that they were online dating each other. lol. try another angle please. so how come he suddenly could get an erection after a couple of weeks of separation? so many questions left answered.

    that sex scene was awesome though. loved it. although it was a blatant copy of the 300 sex scene. lol!!!

    Shirley needs to get help with her story development. scorned lost direction, this did not loose direction per se, its direction was just illogical.

    if the whole thing centered only on Jackie and Chris, giving enough time to develop their characters, this movie would have been an emotional blockbuster. they wasted all the time on singing and dancing scenes and unnecessary plot directions, and oh, did she really use a James bond theme song? come on. that is so low.

    i enjoyed watching it though.
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