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Why I flog my members - Rev King

Discussion in 'News, Books, Art & Culture' started by blackpearl, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. blackpearl

    blackpearl oloju come and do

    If you cough in the church you'll pay N50 :roll...now this is something!

    Friday, November 24, 2006
    Embattled founder and General Overseer of the Christian Praying Assembly (CPA), Reverend Emeka Ezeugo, a.k.a King stunned the court on Thursday with startling revelation of how he ruled his church with iron hand. King is facing murder trial for allegedly setting ablaze one of his church members, Ann Uzor who died of third degree burns on July 25, this year.

    Answering questions under cross-examination by the Prosecutor, Mrs Bola Ighile, King explained that to maintain high standard of discipline, any erring member was given corporal punishment and fine as penalty depending on the nature of the offence.

    He said: "If you cough in the church, you’ll pay N50 fine; if there is any disorderly conduct, the person is fined N25,000 or I tell them to leave the church. "If you come late, by 8.30a.m we’ll close the gate and the person will be outside the church until we dismiss."The controversial pastor also denounced his own name in the court, saying the name Emeka Ezeugo does not belong to him.

    The encounter between King and the cross-examiner on his status ran thus:
    Ighile: Tell the court your full name.
    King: His Holiness King.
    Ighile: Do you have other names?
    King: I have told you my name.
    Ighile: Do you know anybody called Emeka Ezeugo?
    King: No.
    Ighile: What name did you answer in school?
    King: I have made my point clear. I don’t have any other name. I have been ordered by the almighty not to remember past things.
    Ighile: Kindly tell us the name your biological father gave you.
    King: My biological father did not give any name. The name given to me by my reverend father was Ezeugo (Great King). There was nothing like Emeka, and I have made myself clear on the first day.
    Ighile: When the name Emeka Ezeugo was called in court, why did you come to the dock?
    King: I only responded to my suit not the name.

    King threatened to step out of the witness box when the Prosecutor persisted in asking him questions concerning the school he attended, saying, "all these are against my faith."The court stood down the matter for 10 minutes for King’s counsel, Mike Okoye to consult with him before the trial could proceed.

    Answering further questions, the accused admitted that there was a fire incident in his church on July 22, 2006 and that the late Ann was a victim of the incident, but insisted that he had no hand in it.Curiously, however, King who on Wednesday described Ann as the most dedicated follower, said he neither visited her again nor sent any condolence message to the father after her death on July 25, 2006.The accused admitted that Kosichukwu, the church’s photographer also received severe burns during the fire incident that later claimed Ann’s life. He, however, told the court that he did not report the incident to the police.

    King also stunned the court when he claimed that he usually sees God face-to-face and that whatever God tells him, he would do. "If God tells me to burn the whole world, I will do it, because I know he will give me the power," he said.

    On the issue of the reported rampant incident of fornication in the church, King said there was indeed a lot of fornication going on among his followers. He gave example of Kosichukwu who, he claimed, could no longer handle camera well because of excessive fornication.King further explained that though, he had delivered some of his followers from the spirit of fornication, they still continued to fornicate.

    The accused described as insult to God Almighty the insinuation that he was keeping young ladies in his residence to satisfy his sexual urge.With the conclusion of King’s testimony and cross-examination, the defence closed its case, while the court adjourned to December 4, 6, and 8 for the counsel to make their final address.

  2. goseiant

    goseiant Well-Known Member

    His actions baffles me for a man of God. Hmmmmm......
  3. queen2

    queen2 #lightup Nigeria

  4. chi

    chi I am blessed

    dat one na true man God????
  5. Obariba

    Obariba Koininonia

    Christian Fundamenalist !!!!!!
  6. Meddeen250

    Meddeen250 Humanitarian

    I can't believe people will allow idiots like him to preach to them. Like Ob said, the guy's a Christian fundamentalist and may I also add that he's a crook and a lier. How can he claim that he sees God "face to face"? :confused:

    I better start making preparations to start my own church. Even though I'm called Mohamed, people will still follow me. Pastor Mohamed is coming guys.:cool-smil
  7. Obariba

    Obariba Koininonia


    Meddistic u don start oooh !!!


    Its sad to say that my people are really gullible !!!!

    ....the man belongs in jail ...well the likes of him have been encountered in American history !!!!!

    Davidians of Waco and Reverend Jim Jones of the Guyana tragedy !!!
  8. Meddeen250

    Meddeen250 Humanitarian

    Is it me or does he look like an Islamic fundamentlist? :bouncy
  9. bronzy

    bronzy Master Group

    The return or revenge of hussama bin laden only in naija version. This dude is clearly or mentally ill i hope God forgives him and i hope there is a psychiatrist that can handle his situation. next thing you know he will call himself God then the real haussama will form alliance with him. what nonsense
  10. Meddeen250

    Meddeen250 Humanitarian

    :roll :roll
  11. Obariba

    Obariba Koininonia

    But he is no different from Islamic Fundamentalist ...I mean I cant imagine dressing up to go to church and the pastor now asking me to stretch out my hands for some strokes of the cane .....:eek: !!!!

    I know some churches make u stand up if they see u sleeping ....I would prefer if they ask u to come out and get a small cup of coffee instead!!!
  12. Meddeen250

    Meddeen250 Humanitarian

    @Highlighted. Now that's what I call enforcing the scriptures.:cool-smil
  13. Obariba

    Obariba Koininonia

    The topic is misleading ...nowhere in the article does it say he flogs his members !!!

    He fines them ...or locks out late comers !!!
  14. bronzy

    bronzy Master Group

    i also know and have attended a church that teachers will pinch ur eyes if you were either sleeping or not closing your eyes for prayers. some will tell you to go kneel down and raise your hands in front of the church (children church) but for the adults they will tell you to stand up and for the youths they will tell you to stand up with ur two hands up. some will beat you like u just stole somthing ifyou resist standing up or kneelin down
  15. ddizzle

    ddizzle Aunty!

    hmmmmm wonders shall never end.....
  16. Dsampler

    Dsampler D. Ultimate Naija Ruler

    This would have been so funny had it been nobody died in this story. I mean, dis just aren't real. Too ridiculous to be real.
  17. lola_americana

    lola_americana i'M bRinGinG sExYBacK!!!!

    yoruba people will say olorun o roro awa eniyan la buru. meaning our god is not a mean God it's the people of the world that are evil. God tell you to burn the world , why didn't God tell you to set yourself on fire. idiot

    i actually dont blame him instead i blame the imbeciles he calls a congregation how the hell will you sit there and let someone inflict pain on you all in the name of being a good christian you ain't gotta tell me twice before i carry my cangara and comot from the church, 50 naira ko 50 coweries ni nonsense and rubbish
  18. lola_americana

    lola_americana i'M bRinGinG sExYBacK!!!!

    he belongs in an assylum
  19. KikisMuffin

    KikisMuffin I no get ya time!!

    :eek: :eek: :eek: Chimoooo!

    Nah by force??!smokin: Instead I will worship with my family at home! Nah wetin!
  20. rudeboy

    rudeboy Film Pros

    That´s the point! As long as people refuse to get knowledge themselves, they will keep wandering seeking for delivarance from corners. Man is his own deliverance, education and enlightenment his initial tools.

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