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Yoruba Literature

Discussion in 'News, Books, Art & Culture' started by Gen Sani Abacha, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Gen Sani Abacha

    Gen Sani Abacha SUPREME DICTATOR

    Hello there good people, this thread here is for enthusiasts of Yoruba written literature (Novels, short stories, plays etc). Discuss your favourite Yoruba language authors, books or even characters in a novels.

  2. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    U dis dictator, whosai you begin read book? You dey yab me for anoda thread. You no know say you gat to read the yoruba classics first before you read the new boys on the block?

    Ogboju Ode N'inu Igbo Irumale
    ...and stuff like that. Go read those ones first, then I go begin show you other roads you never waka.
  3. mamarita


    Re: Re: Yoruba Literature

    Everyone's talking about OGBOJU ODE NINU IGBO IRUNMOLE. I never read that book, I've heard a lot about it, I heard they made OKE L'ANGBODO out of it...

    Anywayz, my yoruba books, are OPOLO ATI OMOLEWA, KUYE, and one rusty book I picked up while watching my late grandfather, I wonder what the title of the book was.
  4. Gen Sani Abacha

    Gen Sani Abacha SUPREME DICTATOR

    SOLA! You young whippersnapper, I'll have you know I was reading Yoruba novels when you were in diapers ! :D

    As per yabbing you, yu know say I dey pull ya legs. If you didn't read Yoruba novels, I would yab you for throwing your culture away. :p So ya see, you can't win with me, whatever you do I must yab you, cos you are yabable. (Hint: my brand new contribution to the corpus and lexicon of the English language, I don turn Shakespeare o. :redface ).

    Seriously though, have read Ogboju Ode years ago, but not Irinkerindo ninu Igbo Elegbeje. I know those were the first 2 novels, out of the 5 written by the late Chief D.O Fagunwa. He was arguably the father/pioneer of the Yoruba novel. Other classics I have read include Ibu Olokun, written by a contemporary or protege (I have forgotten which it is) of Fagunwa's. I read the O le ku's, possibly Kuye and Kekere Ekun and its sequel Ayanmo and others as a teen In fact I hadn't even reached teenage when I read O le ku fo the first time. So you can see, I am not a greenhorn to Yoruba literature at all. I'm just trying to find out if there are other enthusiasts up in here.

    Mama Risi, I can't really tell whether or not Oke Langbodo was based onOgboju Ode, cos I haven't watched it. I can tell you though that home video Oleku 1&2 was based on the novel, and was about 95% accurate. Owo Blow 1,2&3 was based on a novel/play called Gbewiri, however I haven't read the book, so I can't tell how closely or otherwise it matches the book.

    Well pls expand on the "OPOLO ATI OMOLEWA" storybook/novel as I have never read it. Also, expand on the storyline in your late grandfather's rusty book. Someone uo here might recall the title if you summarise the story.

    So folks, halla back to me and we'll discuss further.

  5. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    I've read most of these books mentioned by you guys,but i can't remember the stories,not in the faintest.:(
    Here are more:
    Efunsetan Aniwura
    Ojola Ibinu
    Ologbo Ijakadi.....ati beebe lo.
    I would give anything to see these classics turned to motion pics.
    Oga TK,i hope you're reading this o!:D
  6. Gen Sani Abacha

    Gen Sani Abacha SUPREME DICTATOR

    Yep, I've also read Efunsetan Aniwura and omo oku orun in the mix too.

    O le ku has already been translated to home video. Gbewiri (which I haven't) read, came out as the home video Owo Blow 1 - 3.

    Vince, I haven't read the Ojola Ibinu, and Ologbo Ijakadi yet.
  7. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    Aren't these two just characters from Fagunwa's books?
  8. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    Yep,they are.
  9. Gen Sani Abacha

    Gen Sani Abacha SUPREME DICTATOR

    For those interested in this sort of thing, below te url for a site where you can obtain fonts for writing Yoruba complete with the tone marks:


    There are some other sites for other fonts, but right now I don't remember them off the top of my head. Anyway, the above site is a very good starting point.

    Here are links to a couple of published books on Yoruba history whose text's are now online:

    The Yoruba Today by J.S Eades ( c ) 1980:


    The Yoruba-Speaking peoples of the slave coast of west Africa by W.B Ellis (c) 1891 ? :

    I hope you enjoy them all.

  10. toyin

    toyin Master Group

    Like Vince, I have read most of these books but have only a faint recollection of them. Watching Ighodo reminded me of ogboju ode ninu igbo irumole.
    I had the audio tape for Efunsetan aniwura and listened that many times, i could have acted each character, complete with ibadan accent:D
  11. mocha

    mocha Master Group

    i read some in high school. like Kuye, je n logba temi,omo odo agba and some other good ones i dont even remember
  12. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    You remind me of Je'nlo gba t'emi! Lovely story.
  13. mocha

    mocha Master Group

    i luv the names in the book.jonueli and co. they just sound funny. and did u read this other book "Abe abo"
  14. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    No, not Abe Abo.
  15. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    I thought i was the only one who noticed this.
  16. toyin

    toyin Master Group

    No be you alone bro :)
  17. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    In short,i think it is the igbo adaptation of the tale.I might be wrong,but i strongly believe it is.
  18. toyin

    toyin Master Group

    I didn't exactly watch it karakara cos I didn't have the patience to. Its a bit like the Harry Potter, isn't it obvious the writer has been reading some african juju literature? It has been said several times but when I saw the first one, I felt it was too much like watching an oyinbonised african juju film
  19. vince

    vince NR Patrons

    I want to see the tale of this woman on the screen ASAP!!
    What on earth are this people doing??!!
  20. Hubscrown

    Hubscrown Film Pros


    1. IGBO ELEDUMARE - I think this is fagunwa book. Jimoh Aliu did lead man in the movie in maybe late 70's or early 80's I read the book in early 80's and saw the movie on TV.
    Characters: Inaki Iberu, Ojola, and a man with two animal legs. I think is where they get Irinkerindo.

    Characters: Aramoda Okunrin, Kafo Onikunmo Ekun, etc. I remember the part where the Olode was capture by monsters and they shave his head, dug hole and buried him leaving his bald head out and pour honey on his head so bees can come visit him. Interesting story.
    I think this is where AJANTALA! was a sub-story and A man that want to marry the kings daughter. The man has 12 ceramic plates (Awo). He fantasizes himself about selling and making profit to the extent of getting rich on the seat and married kings daughter and then he said the king will come and begging him to take his daughter and then he will kick the king in the face. He forgot that he's still in his livingroom with 12 plates. He put in action to kicking the king and kicked off the plates and everything broke into pieces. No plates, No money, No Kings daughter :roll

    3. KUYE
    I know ALABI the big pot belle man. Isnt KUYE deaf and was sent to the bush where he eats sacrifice?

    Characters: Lapade, Dongo, Tafa, Lawale etc.
    This is a Criminal Investigation story. It is my favorite, it happened in Ibadan and Oyo State area. Lapade is a Secret Investigation officer, Tafa is his home boy, Dongo is the head of Thieves. Someday if God grant me the grace this story got to hit the screen its an epic. The dialogue and Scenes in the story are great.

    There is this one that I cant remember the title. Its involved a Murder case and they trying to figure who killed the victim. The character names are Ediwodu Oduwo and Alumogaji Olomi wura. Funny names. BTW do you guys knows Scissors is called Alumogaji in Yoruba?. So the Alumogaji guy in the story is a tailor.

    There is this one too about a thief that kidnapped a woman and ran away with her on boat to Ondo town.

    So also, Efunsetan Aniwura, Ori, Ole Ku. I remember I didnt finish reading Ori and Ole Ku. They were not that appealing then.

    I have to call my siblings and my Mum they will help me out with Characters and titles. We always pass story book around whenever we get one. :)

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