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Image Title Text
Freaked Out Freaked Out :shock
Lol5 Lol5 :lol
003 003 :003:
02.47 Tranquillity 02.47 Tranquillity :02.47 tranquillity:
05.18 Flustered 05.18 Flustered :05.18 flustered:
056 056 :056:
086 086 :086:
1087 1087 :1087:
109 109 :109:
11 11 :11:
1168 1168 :1168:
12 12 :12:
1200 1200 :1200:
1244 1244 :1244:
139 139 :139:
18 18 :18:
1iagree 1iagree :1iagree:
1ylflame 1ylflame :1ylflame:
2 2 :2:
210 210 :210:
2gunsfiring V1 2gunsfiring V1 :2gunsfiring v1:
313 313 :313:
322 322 :322:
460 460 :460:
586 586 :586:
609 609 :609:
653 653 :653:
715 715 :715:
Banane18 Banane18 :banane18:
Banane35 Banane35 :banane35:
BeRightBack BeRightBack :berightback:
Cyclops Cyclops :cyclops:
Dancing Angry Dancing Angry :dancing angry:
Dancing Biggrin Dancing Biggrin :dancing biggrin:
Dancing Laugh Dancing Laugh :dancing laugh:
FIREdevil FIREdevil :firedevil:
GB Bonesrock GB Bonesrock :gb bonesrock:
GCrolleyespink GCrolleyespink :gcrolleyespink:
O O O O :o o:
P P :p:
Abnormal Abnormal :abnormal:
Acne Acne :acne:
Action Smiley 033 Action Smiley 033 :action smiley 033:
Action Smiley 069 Action Smiley 069 :action smiley 069:
Adjoint Adjoint :adjoint:
Adoration Adoration :adoration:
Afro Afro :afro:
Alien Alien :alien:
Ambivalence Ambivalence :ambivalence:
Angel Angel :angel:
Angel Angel :angel:
Angel2 Angel2 :angel2:
Angry Angry :angry:
Anonymous Anonymous :anonymous:
Apathy Apathy :apathy:
Apologetic Apologetic :apologetic:
Applause Applause :applause:
Apple Apple :apple:
Applouse Applouse :applouse:
Apthy Apthy :apthy:
Arghhhh Arghhhh :arghhhh:
Asl Asl :asl:
Baffled Baffled :baffled:
Ban Ban :ban:
Bananajump Bananajump :bananajump:
Barbershop Quartet Member Barbershop Quartet Member :barbershop quartet member:
Barefoot Barefoot :barefoot:
Bat Bat :bat:
Beammeup Beammeup :beammeup:
Bear Bear :bear:
Beaten Beaten :beaten:
Bee Bee :bee:
Beer Beer :beer:
Beerchug Beerchug :beerchug:
Beguiled Beguiled :beguiled:
Bi Polo Bi Polo :bi polo:
Biggrin New Biggrin New :biggrin new:
Biggrin Biggrin :biggrin:
Biggrin Biggrin :biggrin:
BiggrinangelA BiggrinangelA :biggrinangela:
Biggrinbounce2 Biggrinbounce2 :biggrinbounce2:
Biggrinsanta Biggrinsanta :biggrinsanta:
Black Eyed Black Eyed :black eyed:
Blue Blue :blue:
Bouncy1 Bouncy1 :bouncy1:
Bow Bow :bow:
Boxing Boxing :boxing:
Boxing Smiley Boxing Smiley :boxing smiley:
Boy Boy :boy:
Boy Hug Boy Hug :boy hug:
Brown Brown :brown:
Bull Head Bull Head :bull head:
Butterfly Butterfly :butterfly:
Cake Cake :cake:
Calm Calm :calm:
Camera Camera :camera:
Car Car :car:
Cat Cat :cat:
Cat Cat :cat:
Cautious Cautious :cautious:
Character0182 Character0182 :character0182:
Chargrined Chargrined :chargrined:
Cheerful Cheerful :cheerful:
Chief Chief :chief:
Chuncky Chuncky :chuncky:
Clock Clock :clock:
Cocksure Cocksure :cocksure:
Cocktail Cocktail :cocktail:
Coffee Coffee :coffee:
Cold Cold :cold:
Comp26 Comp26 :comp26:
Computer Computer :computer:
Concern Concern :concern:
Confused New Confused New :confused new:
Confused Confused :confused:
Confused Confused :confused:
Confused3 Confused3 :confused3:
Confusion Confusion :confusion:
Congratulatory Congratulatory :congratulatory:
Cool New Cool New :cool new:
Cool Smiley 010 Cool Smiley 010 :cool smiley 010:
Cool Cool :cool:
Cool Cool 8-)
Cool0019 Cool0019 :cool0019:
Cooler Cooler :cooler:
Corkysm60 Corkysm60 :corkysm60:
Couple Inlove Couple Inlove :couple inlove:
Courage Courage :courage:
Cow Cow :cow:
Cower Cower :cower:
Crushed Crushed :crushed:
Cry Cry :cry:
Cry Cry :cry:
Crying Crying :crying:
Culpability Culpability :culpability:
Cup Cup :cup:
Cupcake Cupcake :cupcake:
Dejection Dejection :dejection:
Devil Devil :devil:
Devilish Devilish :devilish:
Disgust Disgust :disgust:
Disillusionment Disillusionment :disillusionment:
Dispirited Dispirited :dispirited:
Distant Distant :distant:
Distracted Distracted :distracted:
Distress Distress :distress:
Distrust Distrust :distrust:
Disturbed Disturbed :disturbed:
Dog Dog :dog:
Dog Dog :dog:
Dread Dread :dread:
Drunk Drunk :drunk:
Eagerness Eagerness :eagerness:
Eek New Eek New :eek new:
Eek Eek :eek:
Eek Eek :eek:
Eek2 Eek2 :eek2:
Elvis Elvis :elvis:
Email Email :email:
Embarassed Embarassed :embarassed:
Embarassed2 Embarassed2 :embarassed2:
Emmersed Emmersed :emmersed:
Emptiness Emptiness :emptiness:
Encouragement Encouragement :encouragement:
Eplus2 Eplus2 :eplus2:
Errr Errr :errr:
Errrr Errrr :errrr:
Evil3 Evil3 :evil3:
Evilgrin0041 Evilgrin0041 :evilgrin0041:
Excited Excited :excited:
Excitement Excitement :excitement:
Eyes Eyes :eyes:
Fam14 Fam14 :fam14:
Fat Fat :fat:
Fatigue Fatigue :fatigue:
Fest09 Fest09 :fest09:
Fighting0074 Fighting0074 :fighting0074:
Film Film :film:
Fing02 Fing02 :fing02:
Fing04 Fing04 :fing04:
Fing05 Fing05 :fing05:
Fing23 Fing23 :fing23:
Fing24 Fing24 :fing24:
Fing33 Fing33 :fing33:
Fish Fish :fish:
Food Smiley 004 Food Smiley 004 :food smiley 004:
Food Smiley 005 Food Smiley 005 :food smiley 005:
Fox Fox :fox:
Friendly Wink Friendly Wink :friendly wink:
Frog Frog :frog:
Frown New Frown New :frown new:
Frown Frown :frown:
Frown Frown :frown:
Frown2 Frown2 :frown2:
Geek Geek :geek:
Ghost Ghost :ghost:
Giggle Giggle :giggle:
Girl Girl :girl:
Girl Hug Girl Hug :girl hug:
Glasses Glasses :glasses:
Glee Glee :glee:
Gorilla Gorilla :gorilla:
Greedy Dollars Greedy Dollars :greedy dollars:
Grey Grey :grey:
Grief Grief :grief:
Grin Grin :grin:
Grinning Smiley 003 Grinning Smiley 003 :grinning smiley 003:
Grumpy Grumpy :grumpy:
Happy0065 Happy0065 :happy0065:
Happy0180 Happy0180 :happy0180:
Happy0194 Happy0194 :happy0194:
Happy024 Happy024 :happy024:
Heart Borken Heart Borken :heart borken:
Hearton Hearton :hearton:
Heartpump Heartpump :heartpump:
Hellobaby Hellobaby :hellobaby:
Helloooo Helloooo :helloooo:
Highly Amused Highly Amused :highly amused:
Hissyfit Hissyfit :hissyfit:
Hopelessness Hopelessness :hopelessness:
Hororr Hororr :hororr:
Huh Huh :huh:
Huh Oh Huh Oh :huh oh:
Hurt Hurt :hurt:
Hypnotysed Hypnotysed :hypnotysed:
Indecisiveness Indecisiveness :indecisiveness:
Indifferent Indifferent :indifferent:
Indifferent0008 Indifferent0008 :indifferent0008:
Inlove Inlove :inlove:
Ip Ip :ip:
Jaded Jaded :jaded:
Joyous Joyous :joyous:
Kiss Kiss :kiss:
Kiss2 Kiss2 :kiss2:
Kiwi Fruit Kiwi Fruit :kiwi fruit:
Laugh Laugh :laugh:
Laugh Laugh :laugh:
Laugher Laugher :laugher:
Laughing Laughing :laughing:
Lemo Lemo :lemo:
Leph Leph :leph:
Lightbulb Lightbulb :lightbulb:
Lightning Lightning :lightning:
Listening Headphones Listening Headphones :listening headphones:
Liturgy Liturgy :liturgy:
Livid Livid :livid:
Lol Lol :lol:
Lol3 Lol3 :lol3:
Love Struck Love Struck :love struck:
Love Love :love:
Love001 Love001 :love001:
Love004 Love004 :love004:
Love Heart Love Heart :love heart:
Loyal Loyal :loyal:
Luxlove Luxlove :luxlove:
Mad New Mad New :mad new:
Mad Mad :mad:
Mad Mad :mad:
Mad0160 Mad0160 :mad0160:
Mad0204 Mad0204 :mad0204:
Mad0217 Mad0217 :mad0217:
Mad0225 Mad0225 :mad0225:
Mad0226 Mad0226 :mad0226:
Mad0245 Mad0245 :mad0245:
Mad0259 Mad0259 :mad0259:
Madder Madder :madder:
Madsquare Madsquare :madsquare:
Mask Mask :mask:
Messenger Messenger :messenger:
Messenger2 Messenger2 :messenger2:
Messenger3 Messenger3 :messenger3:
Miserable Miserable :miserable:
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone :mobile phone:
Mobile Phone2 Mobile Phone2 :mobile phone2:
Money Money :money:
Monkey Monkey :monkey:
Moody Moody :moody:
Moon Moon :moon:
Mrstraetz Mrstraetz :mrstraetz:
Mumbles Mumbles :mumbles:
Mushroom Mushroom :mushroom:
Music Smiley 004 Music Smiley 004 :music smiley 004:
Music Smiley 010 Music Smiley 010 :music smiley 010:
Musik15 Musik15 :musik15:
Musik35 Musik35 :musik35:
Nature Smiley 016 Nature Smiley 016 :nature smiley 016:
Neglected Neglected :neglected:
Nevreness Nevreness :nevreness:
Nightmare Nightmare :nightmare:
Ninja Ninja :ninja:
Nonchalance Nonchalance :nonchalance:
Note Note :note:
Note2 Note2 :note2:
Notworthy Notworthy :notworthy:
Numbness Numbness :numbness:
Offended Offended :offended:
Offtopic Offtopic :offtopic:
Omg Omg :omg:
Onthego Onthego :onthego:
Orange Orange :orange:
Panda Panda :panda:
Party0002 Party0002 :party0002:
Party0007 Party0007 :party0007:
Party0042 Party0042 :party0042:
Peaceful Peaceful :peaceful:
Peach Peach :peach:
Pephula1 Pephula1 :pephula1:
Phone Phone :phone:
Pig Pig :pig:
Pimp Pimp :pimp:
Pirate Pirate :pirate:
Pissed Pissed :pissed:
Pizza Pizza :pizza:
Plane Plane :plane:
Plate Plate :plate:
Playful Playful :playful:
Poop Poop :poop:
Positive Positive :positive:
Pray Pray :pray:
Praying Praying :praying:
Present Present :present:
Pride Pride :pride:
Rain Rain :rain:
Rainbow Rainbow :rainbow:
Rapture Rapture :rapture:
Rawrrrrr Rawrrrrr :rawrrrrr:
Redface New Redface New :redface new:
Redface Redface :redface:
Redface Redface :redface:
Roflmao Roflmao :roflmao:
Roll Roll :roll:
Rolleyea Rolleyea :rolleyea:
Rolleyes New Rolleyes New :rolleyes new:
Rolleyes Rolleyes :rolleyes:
Rolleyes Rolleyes :rolleyes:
Rolleyes2 Rolleyes2 :rolleyes2:
Rolly Rolly :rolly:
Rose Rose :rose:
Rugby Rugby :rugby:
Rules Rules :rules:
Satellite Satellite :satellite:
Saturn Saturn :saturn:
Scared0011 Scared0011 :scared0011:
Sconf Sconf :sconf:
Screama Screama :screama:
Sd2 Sd2 :sd2:
Secret Secret :secret:
Semi Twins Semi Twins :semi twins:
Sentimental Sentimental :sentimental:
Shame Shame :shame:
Sick Sick :sick:
Sick0004 Sick0004 :sick0004:
Sick0010 Sick0010 :sick0010:
Sick0026 Sick0026 :sick0026:
Sign0003 Sign0003 :sign0003:
Sign0004 Sign0004 :sign0004:
Sign0005 Sign0005 :sign0005:
Sign0007 Sign0007 :sign0007:
Sign0008 Sign0008 :sign0008:
Sign0009 Sign0009 :sign0009:
Sign0011 Sign0011 :sign0011:
Sign0013 Sign0013 :sign0013:
Sign0014 Sign0014 :sign0014:
Sign0016 Sign0016 :sign0016:
Sign0017 Sign0017 :sign0017:
Sign0020 Sign0020 :sign0020:
Sign0021 Sign0021 :sign0021:
Sign0024 Sign0024 :sign0024:
Sign0027 Sign0027 :sign0027:
Sign0029 Sign0029 :sign0029:
Sign0031 Sign0031 :sign0031:
Sign0039 Sign0039 :sign0039:
Sign0040 Sign0040 :sign0040:
Sign0042 Sign0042 :sign0042:
Sign0046 Sign0046 :sign0046:
Sign0047 Sign0047 :sign0047:
Sign0049 Sign0049 :sign0049:
Sign0060 Sign0060 :sign0060:
Sign0061 Sign0061 :sign0061:
Sign0063 Sign0063 :sign0063:
Sign0065 Sign0065 :sign0065:
Sign0066 Sign0066 :sign0066:
Sign0068 Sign0068 :sign0068:
Sign0071 Sign0071 :sign0071:
Sign0075 Sign0075 :sign0075:
Sign0080 Sign0080 :sign0080:
Sign0082 Sign0082 :sign0082:
Sign0085 Sign0085 :sign0085:
Sign0087 Sign0087 :sign0087:
Sign0089 Sign0089 :sign0089:
Sign0091 Sign0091 :sign0091:
Sign0092 Sign0092 :sign0092:
Sign0093 Sign0093 :sign0093:
Sign0095 Sign0095 :sign0095:
Sign0096 Sign0096 :sign0096:
Sign0098 Sign0098 :sign0098:
Sign0099 Sign0099 :sign0099:
Sign0101 Sign0101 :sign0101:
Sign0102 Sign0102 :sign0102:
Sign0103 Sign0103 :sign0103:
Sign0104 Sign0104 :sign0104:
Sign0106 Sign0106 :sign0106:
Sign0110 Sign0110 :sign0110:
Sign0111 Sign0111 :sign0111:
Sign0112 Sign0112 :sign0112:
Sign0113 Sign0113 :sign0113:
Sign0128 Sign0128 :sign0128:
Sign0135 Sign0135 :sign0135:
Sign0138 Sign0138 :sign0138:
Sign0140 Sign0140 :sign0140:
Sign0144 Sign0144 :sign0144:
Sign0145 Sign0145 :sign0145:
Sign0147 Sign0147 :sign0147:
Sign0148 Sign0148 :sign0148:
Sign0149 Sign0149 :sign0149:
Sign0150 Sign0150 :sign0150:
Sign0151 Sign0151 :sign0151:
Sign0155 Sign0155 :sign0155:
Sign0161 Sign0161 :sign0161:
Sign0164 Sign0164 :sign0164:
Sign0167 Sign0167 :sign0167:
Sign0168 Sign0168 :sign0168:
Sign0170 Sign0170 :sign0170:
Sign0173 Sign0173 :sign0173:
Sign0174 Sign0174 :sign0174:
Sign0176 Sign0176 :sign0176:
Sign0180 Sign0180 :sign0180:
Sign0185 Sign0185 :sign0185:
Sign0190 Sign0190 :sign0190:
Sign0195 Sign0195 :sign0195:
Sign0199 Sign0199 :sign0199:
Single Eye Single Eye :single eye:
Sleep Sleep :sleep:
Sleep Sleep :sleep:
Sleeping Sleeping :sleeping:
SmashfreakB SmashfreakB :smashfreakb:
Smile New Smile New :smile new:
Smile Smile :)
Smile Smile :-) (:
Smilet Digitalpoint Smilet Digitalpoint :smilet digitalpoint:
Smiley Simmons Smiley Simmons :smiley simmons:
Smilies23 Smilies23 :smilies23:
Smoke Smoke :smoke:
Smokin Smokin :smokin:
Smug Smug :smug:
Sneakiness Sneakiness :sneakiness:
Sneaky Sneaky :sneaky:
Snowman Snowman :snowman:
Soap Soap :soap:
Soccer Soccer :soccer:
Sorrow Sorrow :sorrow:
Sour Sour :sour:
Speechless Speechless :speechless:
Spin2 Spin2 :spin2:
Spiny Spiny :spiny:
Sport Smiley 002 Sport Smiley 002 :sport smiley 002:
Sport Smiley 003 Sport Smiley 003 :sport smiley 003:
Spudniksweety Spudniksweety :spudniksweety:
Star Star :star:
Star Star :star:
Sterb003 Sterb003 :sterb003:
Sterb021 Sterb021 :sterb021:
Strawberry Strawberry :strawberry:
Stretch Stretch :stretch:
Stung Stung :stung:
Stupid Stupid :stupid:
Subdued Subdued :subdued:
Sulkiness Sulkiness :sulkiness:
Support Support :support:
Surprise Surprise :surprise:
Suspicion Suspicion :suspicion:
Sweat Sweat :sweat:
Talk024 Talk024 :talk024:
Tan Tan :tan:
Tdo9 Tdo9 :tdo9:
Teacher Teacher :teacher:
Teapot Teapot :teapot:
Tears Of Joy Tears Of Joy :tears of joy:
Teeth Teeth :teeth:
Tennis Tennis :tennis:
Teu26 Teu26 :teu26:
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down :thumbs down:
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up :thumbs up:
Thumbsdown Thumbsdown :thumbsdown:
Thumbsup Thumbsup :thumbsup:
Tickled Pink Tickled Pink :tickled pink:
Tiger Tiger :tiger:
Tired Tired :tired:
Tongue New Tongue New :tongue new:
Tongue Tongue :p
Tongue Tongue :P :-p :-P
Tongue2 Tongue2 :tongue2:
Topsy Turvy Topsy Turvy :topsy turvy:
Torn Torn :torn:
Tranquillity Tranquillity :tranquillity:
Trink39 Trink39 :trink39:
Triumphant Triumphant :triumphant:
Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus :tyrannosaurus:
Umbrella Umbrella :umbrella:
Uncomfortableness Uncomfortableness :uncomfortableness:
Unconscious Unconscious :unconscious:
Unhappy Unhappy :unhappy:
Unlove Unlove :unlove:
Unsure Unsure :unsure:
Unsure Unsure :unsure:
Untroubled Untroubled :untroubled:
Upset Upset :upset:
Vampa Vampa :vampa:
Vampire Vampire :vampire:
Very Drunk Very Drunk :very drunk:
Victorious Victorious :victorious:
Violent Smiley 011 Violent Smiley 011 :violent smiley 011:
Violent Smiley 027 Violent Smiley 027 :violent smiley 027:
Violent Smiley 044 Violent Smiley 044 :violent smiley 044:
Wacky Wacky :wacky:
Watermelon Watermelon :watermelon:
Wazzapp Wazzapp :wazzapp:
Welcome Welcome :welcome:
Welcoming Welcoming :welcoming:
Whacky034 Whacky034 :whacky034:
Whacky048 Whacky048 :whacky048:
Whacky050 Whacky050 :whacky050:
Whistling Whistling :whistling:
Whoohoo Whoohoo :whoohoo:
Wilted Rose Wilted Rose :wilted rose:
Wink New Wink New :wink new:
Wink Wink :wink:
Wink Wink ;)
Winky Winky :winky:
Witless Witless :witless:
Worked Till 5am Worked Till 5am :worked till 5am:
Worshippy Worshippy :worshippy:
Wub Wub :wub:
Wubpink Wubpink :wubpink:
X3 X3 :x3:
Yellow Yellow :yellow:
Zip Zip :zip: