See what Photoshop can do for you. They make her look like she's just turning 21. But everyone knows that face is filled with wrinkles and bunch of stretch marks on those arms.
Its okay. We all know Hubcaps' case na sheer etanu. He go ask the baby to feature in his movie (something he didn't prepare properly for, after we warn am well o), and because he sounded unprofessional, the baby turn am down. E no gree us hia word ever since o. Any chance e get, na insult. Tunde, that was 2 years ago. Let bygones be bygones. Ndo...
hahahaha...I remember o. Can you imagine the Ela ojukan? I mean, Hubscrown took his laptop to show her how serious he was!
Chei Hubscrown... wetin this babe do you? You and D'samplers sef... make una no see una neck without mirror oh! And make I tell both of una o... na Only Jesus na im rock pass this woman.

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