Where did u dig dis foro from, oga? Not one of d best mos def. Still love u, genny.
muahaha...her white face reminds me of one facial cream like dat *thinks* cant rmb da name
If Genny sees this picture I'm sure whe will say 'oh my God what was I thinking when I possed for this shot.

Still pretty chick but the make up is definately nothing to write home about.
This picture didn't do her no justice...looks more like she's fighting acute constipation.
it's like genny forgot to wash the NIXODERM cream from last night off her face

@grafik- bwhahahahahaaaaaaa ..........lol lol. u're so mean
Chai! hmmmm! Even de rope wey Meddeen take tie im trouser never bend laiki dis nah! No nyash! Nothing.......

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