A scene from "This America"

A scene from "This America"
Whoa! That's NYPD fo shizzle...this movie if off da hizzle...ok that didn't come out right. I dunno but the blue on the NYPD car is kinda 2 light...probably camera malfunction and I hope so...make them no use fake NYPD cars o.

I have my fingers crossed...this movie will freaking ROCK!
@ Bigmomma okie dokie...because I been think say no fake NYPD cars them get. It's all good sha I think that guy who directed A Mile To Caanan has a hand in reeks of his handiwoku...very interesting. I AM IMPRESSED
This scene said a lot, the baby carried by the police, daddy been led away in handcuff. Domestic violence I presume.

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