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Across The Niger launch

Across The Niger launch
Minister of INFORMATION, Naija (Chikelu something) and Kingsley Ogoro of Osuofia in London, Across The Niger, The Widow, The Prostitue, etc. Make I go on?
Whoa! Obijey looks cute here o. Chei Obughizisonjo right now. Wghat's the secret, president dude?
@grafik, "Obughizisonjo" i can see you are being very careful with you words...lol
@Erinma...really makana before, 'Obubusonjo' but right now as I dey see am...'Obughizisonjo' sey u get? No be say I dey kiss up because I really don't give a hoot.
@grafik...get you jare... UP MAKE UP... dem dey try for the guy sha.. big ups to who ever dey incharge of Iru Ya...

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