Bukky Wright, Funke Akindele, Ireti Osayemi

Bukky Wright, Funke Akindele, Ireti Osayemi At the City People event
they all look good but.....

funke-is looking like "i wanna get the heck outta here"
ireti- am boooooooored............when is this gonna end???

bukky wright is glowing
That block of eye shadow on Osayemi is just plain riduculous.

The colors in the compact is what I would have applied on her.
Sorry but is bukky not talking about toning but EXTRA bleaching?? She added some weight sha...all of them look nice!!
bukky had always been light skinned though. toning maybe,but i dont think she's bleaching.if she were,her elbows will look really dark.
well mealone u might be right sha, since am not familiar with such products!!!
That toning then is quite strong jo! She is too light for my liking tho.
Could be the camera exposure or the lighting.These things can alter the real skintone significantly.

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