Estella Couture gown worn by designer, Estella.

Estella Couture gown worn by designer, Estella.
Love the dress....can see me in a different color of it though....but the hair sha...una don't let naija fashion police aka Estella see it o...
Hahahaha. TOO Funny Samira @ Fashion Police Estella.

The hair? VERY comfortable style. Just add activator and GO! NO curling iron, no flat iron, nada! [I'm wearing weave now and it itches like craze! :(]

No worries, Estella the Fashion Police was yabbed! Rudeboy made sure of that. Link here
I had the same activator and go too in my hair for a easy to manage. it is a lot nice when you have it cut very short. I just got me some braids and yep, the itch has already started. the trick is to oil it daily. did you sew the dress yourself? love it. I am now into long dresses like this. very comfortable.
Short hair and activator. That is THE BEST hairstyle to wear! No primping, thonging or whatever...just add activator, run fingers through your hair and you are off!
Shorter is easier to manage. Mine is long now, hence the rough look. But I got me some weave on now, I have a big event coming up.....but it is itching!!!!

Thanks dear. Yes, the dress is from my personal collection. It is actually a two-piece. The long dress and the bolero beaded jacket. That jacket was WORK! two nights of bead

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