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Finding Ola Pre-production Poster

Finding Ola Pre-production Poster. Seeing is believing... but you gotta wait though!
Definitely waiting, and it'd better be better than the average Naija movie, production, and quality-wise.
Are you some sort of producer?. If so am glad for ya and will be looking forward to seeing the flick!!. Oh,by the way when does it come out or is it out already and where and how can one get a copy?.
I've been sleeping through any naija movie lately and I wish to be able to stay awake once more, so I can't wait for this to come out.
ngwani, anyi naha eche ya then.
I swear, u guys won't be disappointed...Maverick ALWAYS does a good job, has a vivid imagination so i have no doubt it's going to tranlsate well on camera.

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