For the ultimate in smooth shot,with minimum exertion.

For the ultimate in smooth shot,with minimum exertion.
Steadycam operators will definitely welcome Segway with open arms.It will surely make their job a lot more comfy,because the camera will no longer be strapped on their body,which means zero load to carry about,while trying to make that smooth moving shot.
Being a steadycam operator is a hard job o!
This is incredible! Segway and SteadyCam put together!!Why didn't someone think of this sooner? Could have saved some Camera Men/Woman a whole lot of pain in the fore-arms and back. Excellent!!
This can only work where the roads are even. In Nigeria, God help you... Indoors sha, maybe. And the development of gimbals undercuts whatever its value is. And you can get the gimbal for less than this combo.

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