From the opening scene in Alatoto

From the opening scene in Alatoto
his acting is okay sha, but...................God forgive me, there's just somfin about this guy that i dont like, his fashion sense is one in town with those chemistry lab googles he usually has on as sunshade. :)
i love his role in Abeni, wen him and his friend went to benin republic, and didnt know how to say chicken n rice in their language
@ queen:
His role in Abeni was just hilarious. I was dying when, at the resturant in Cotonou, he finally realized that "GBOA" is a drink over there.
Ese lo n'dun be!GBOA!Gbogbo 32 a yo danu!Lol!:teeth:
That restaurant scene was hilarious,indeed.
a don tok say we be twins seperated at birth i no know wetin d guy do me i just can't stand him. he is always a playa or the one that sleep with someone else's wife

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