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Sola, there's sex appeal and there's porn appeal. This particular picture falls into the porn appeal category!

End of!
Not really. The tongue sticking out doesn't work for me, but every other thing is sound.
Lol at Peaches...porn appeal. My own be say, how come her eyes look like she get 'Apollo'? My own again be say, the stool shot is the best, everything else na fluff. I noticed she slimmed down and is really looking hot. Wow, this woman is not only beautiful, she's edible like vegetable... ahhh I dey rap like gap.
Peaches I know you did not just rate this picture 1. E be like say your head no dey house. That goes for you and other hating on my girl Genny. Genny looks lovely as usual and I don't see nothing wrong with the picture. In fact if anything I think the picture is missing something and that is yours truly... Ewu dems.
Estella, did you say sex haven't started in naija like that? My dear somebody don told yopu wrong. Some of una don tey for this country. You need to visit home more often. Dem worse pass Yankee for Naija, that you can take to be bank.
Jenny if only u closed your mouth dis picture would have been okay. From shoulder down is ok sha...but from neck up needs serious work....
Its the look on her face i cant stand. Its too pornish like someone here stated

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