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Imported Item
Lisallove_music, Jun 10, 2007
    • Simisola
      Her body's beautiful abeg. Let her flaunt it.
    • Peaches
      Simisola, yeah. Flaunt it for randy sexually confused people like yourself abi? She was held in such high esteem before this and knowing that this photo wasn't photoshoped means we are seeing her in all her glory. There is nothing left to the imagination here and it's sad. It stinks of desperation! Like she wants to remain forever in the lime light. Big time shame if you ask me. Nigeria is very far from America however way we wish to view it. Even the likes of the Hollywood stars who take such p
    • Sola
      Abi dis one na hypocrisy? Sex sells, period. What makes her a big hit among the millions of men who find her appealing is her obvious sex appeal. They are the target of these kind of photos, since I believe it was taken for a men's magazine anyway. You others look away.

      As for Estella, all thos half clad models in your designs...no be you cloth dem? Make una liff matta abeg.
    • Peaches
      Sola, come on! We are not talking about Cossy Ojiakor or whatever she's called here! We are talking about Genenevie a one time highly celebrated Nollywood actress!

      This picture right here isn't tasteful! There is posing for Playboy magazine, FHM and there is posing for top shelf sex magazine (which this perfectly fits in)!. This shot right here is so..."porn-ish". Yeah, sex sells, which is why I think her pose where she sat on a stool would have done just that and left the men who subscribe t
    • Love44
      Genevieve is really a beautiful woman and l love the picture dearly..
    • Sola
      Every single Hollywood movie star has done it, especially female. Google image any actress. Watch 2 minutes of any television in most countries and all you see is sex appeal. No biggie abeg.
    • Sifu
      The pictures are tasteful now. She is a grown woman and she should not be a role model for anybody's child. They should be their children's role models.
    • Meddeen250
      I'm loving this pic. It shows the extraordinary beauty of Genevieve and it's also a sexy picture.

      I know the haters are at it again. Una nor get work?
      Nice pic. Me likeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    • kolinzo
      Emm...sex sells in Naija and that is a fact. Just go Lagos and you go see dem plenty.

      This picture only adds to her fan base.
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