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Imported Item
Lisallove_music, Jun 10, 2007
    • thressa
      This is the best amongs the rest.
    • Peaches
      If only she had left it at this! Aside the face, I really like her posture here. so i'll give her a 9.
    • swimming duches
      level dey change oh.but meeeeen she looks ravishing
    • iuwa
      Level has definately changed. Weave is on-point. Make-up on-point. Shoes on-point.

      If I see another bad weave or clown-makeup on a Naija actress again, I will just refer to this picture and say "you can do much better".

      And I am not even the biggest Genny fan, so I am being objective.
    • khamileon
      Bia! Bia! Bia!.....why all this gurls full hia dey pass coment nah??.... Na for us guys dem make the piksha, so una for left am for us (lol)
    • queen2
      nice take and she looks taller
    • Meddeen250
      Hot pic.
      That's why she's the Queen of Nollywood. Her beauty is unique.
    • kolinzo
      So seductive.
    • grafikdon
      Aha! Now we are talking. I am not the biggest fan of exposed flesh but I am fascinated by her perfect anatomical structure...this is hoooooooot!!!! I mean come on! This is it! I saw another one where she looked like she stepped on smelly oozy poop...and the other where she looked like she dey suffer from acute constipation...but this is it...please do AWAY WITH THE REST!!! I will not rate it because I want to give it 12/10...until shief modurator ups the ante (from 10 -12) I will continue to scr
    • Ayesha
      This is really beautiful.. Genny is gorgeous!
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