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Imported Item


Imported Item
Lisallove_music, Jun 10, 2007
    • Hubscrown
      Isn't this kind of pose she dey collect 3milion for in a movie years ago...Now she dey do am free...LOL. She's sweet though.
    • Sola
      How did you know she wasn't paid, Hubs? You were there at the shoot?
    • iuwa
      Sexy! She has pushed the envelope to a different level.
    • Lisallove_music
      @sola,abeg ask am ooh
    • khamileon
      So which of the rest can Contest wif this???
    • Sifu
      What is so beautiful about this picture is that you can actually see the meat on her upper arm were she is holding on to it. You will never find that in an american model. They will call it fat. They have no clue what real beauty is. This is real beauty.
    • kolinzo
      This is nice.
    • grafikdon
      She looks slim and fleshy, now that's what I am talking about! Next time all these mumu yeye Fashion wetincall wan select the 'African' woman, this is an ideal shape of an Afro sisi, not all those atinga no bluud wey look like kwashiokor don wire them so tay their skeleton wan tear race comot for their body. I give it 7 because of the nekkidnizz.
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