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The Future Awards 2011 Young Person of the Year

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elisawwf007, Feb 1, 2011
    • blackbutterfly
      She looks AWESOME! The necklace was unnecessary, doesn't match the earring and is too long for that dress BUT SHE LOOKS HAWT!
    • Thickmadam
      she does look hawt BB.
    • Sifu
      Nice outfit. I just dont understand the lace
    • blackbutterfly
      @ Sifu, my dear the lace dey confusing not in and of itself na because omotola over accessorized as usual. she does it in films and in real life. she forgot the one fashion rule coco chanel adviced women to use - before you leave the house, take off one thing and in this case she should have taken of a FEW thing, i.e. the necklace, thumb rings and bracelets.
    • kolinzo
      Man is she beautiful!!
    • mealone
      oh that MEN would praise the lord for his goodness and for his wonderful "works"!!!
    • Candylecious
      oh my, she is really radiant...I love what's been happening to her hair lately...Love the makeup.
    • thressa
      I'll take off the thumb ring, one bracelet, necklace, everything else perfect. Her makeup is on point, love it.
    • wendydoks
      the hair is nice and the makeup. everyother thing she has on is tacky ugly.
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