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The limo and bus that took the stars to MD/DC

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Sola, Apr 20, 2004
    • Pete
      Meeennn! I see myself having one like that... great yet-to-be-achieved thought!! :)
    • thressa
      una enter the limo or just put infront of the hotel for exhibition. I think say an bus una take go dc.which come be limo again na? but e no still bad sha, our stars sef be enter that can toy, e don better finish be that o
    • bigmomma
      thressa u are so silly lol
    • thressa
      bigmomma i no fine you trouble o which one come be the silly inside matter now? I thought uncle sola said they took a bus so i was only being curious about the limo parked in front of the bus. It's a good thing o, i mean nollywood stars enter limo, God don bless us finish be that now. Another question how many people enter the limo b'cos i see the thing no fit contain reach 5 people and dem plenty pass 5 wey come the show
    • solatoks
      not bad at least the organisers have really spent alot
    • biddiee_009
      Waoooohhh. Nut until now, i never knew Nigerian Stars, i mean our Stars are as great as this, well i guess this is just the begining, you all still have long way to go to make us all proud of everyone of you.

      Keep the good work moving. God is always by your side, left, right, back and front of you. See yahhh and keep kicking in the LORD.

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