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Imported Item

Imported Item
ssergit, Nov 16, 2011
    • blackbutterfly
      NICE!!! Yellow looks great on you!
    • kolinzo
      Who be dat one putting hand for ya leg? And why is the guy in the bag promoting iPad for your picture?

      With that said, looking good. Na me and you for this Naijarules!
    • amet13
      Babes what did u do, u look amazing
    • ssergit
      Awwww...Thanks dears. God is Good O!

      @Kolinzo! You have REFUSED to be my sugar boy! I dey head towards the big 4 soon O! So, officially that would make me a cougar, abi? Would you say YES then?
    • ssergit
      lol....the lady put hand on my leg as a friendly gesture (that was a group picture I cropped myself out from).
      Kolinzo, no worries, she is a married with kids lady, I am sure she does not have 'tendency'. Relax.

      That iPad guy! I felt sorry for those behind him! Imagine raising that shit up to record the whole show???? And people paid ticket money? Unless of course they probably were watching whatever he was recording from behind, abi? maybe
    • samira
      cute and the hair is cool.
    • Nefe
    • Dsampler
      Chai! sis, you fine no be small. I tell you say, if you enter naija today, only one woman go fine pass you. (you know who). The rest go dey bow down for your beauty from the airport...all the way to your village. Na me tok am.
    • ssergit
      Awwwww...Tam2 thanks dearie, lol. I remember my cousin who used to call me Omuma Asaru. :). Thanks hun.

      Ah! DSampler, you place me side by side with you-know-who!? Wow! Wow! Wow! You too much O! Thanks boo.
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