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Sexy Mama

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NTB, Oct 22, 2012
    • samira
      NTB Darling, i will love to meet this sweetheart o...:-)))
    • NTB
      Samira my sister, I want to raid her shoes though we don't wear the same size.
    • chi
      The best I've seen of rita .... and here she is looking so much like Dakore
    • Thickmadam
      please help me tell her to stop covering her shoes with these long dresses o.
    • toammyb
      LOL @TM I've been wondering for a while myself. Maybe she wants the tall slender look as opposed to the petite look she seemed to always have in the past. I miss the shoes myself.
    • ssergit
      guess when a positive IMPRESSION is created about a person, 'anything' they do is termed as OK by their fans!

      Rita could have looked better! For a premiere, that head wrap is NOT in good taste! She sports amazing hairdos, this was NOT a time to tie up hair into an Eryka Baduh!! Made her look far older! And considering that the movie had her looking old and crass, she SHOULD have stepped out looking HOT, YOUNG, SEXY etc to counteract the movie image!

      Would have also made the make-up ar
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