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Khamileon's carnival weekend performance in Rotherdam holland.

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obude, Jul 31, 2005
    • olatoludipe
      Looking sexy as usual, both of you look good together o. Is that Kudi I am seeing in your hand?
    • Aust_nne
      Awww..nice. Obude, U dont look bad atall.
    • kcbabe64
      Cheneke (if that how they spell it) See ya hand, Lord Jesus.
    • Pearl80
      Nice, really nice
    • khamileon
      @ Aust-Nne I am telling y'all Obude doesnt even look good in pictures.... Looks a lot better in real life and still the best dressed guy I know (Maybe because of his addiction to clothes and shoes lol)
    • Pete
      Not bad.
    • Crazy T
      Here we have Obude in action, he was all over this baby throughout the party. I happy for you o.
    • goseiant
      Very nice!
    • obude
      @ bolanle, sine you don firm say you don marry for Nr now nor benn im me self carry go,@crazyT, i know say you self do something else, abi youn want make i post the rest of the pictures, and thanks for killing my aduro!!!, for younder i see your hand work, but...........................make you wait for me.
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