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On the set of DAPO JUNIOR Liz Benson

On the set of DAPO JUNIOR Liz Benson taking a ride in the Limo
I'm going to remove this Khami. It doesn't do her jsutice at all. Bad photo
She looks like one trying so hard to look young. Not a good pic ra ra.
Dont venture remove this o!...It was done on purpose..the MAKE-UP and all that cause we DOUBLE-CASTED HER She also played a 24yr old girl on the same movie...and there was a scene when This older Liz was talking to the younger one
To look young you say, e no look like one ra ra, them better remove this pics for here. I don't like it.
So this is the older looking liz in Dapo Junior? This pic ain't good at all but all the same sha Liz is a pretty woman so I go rate her high based on her previous pics
why now, me i don't like this thing o,
Sola, i tot about wht u said, as2 removn Khami, but u Khami, thank ur Head dat u justified ursef o b4 i loose ma temper.
Which kain wahala be dis?? Dem tok say dem cast the woman as an old lady and you dey complain again? Liz na fine woman, old lady make up or not. No remove d piksho jare, liv am!

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