On the set of My One and Only Love

On the set of My One and Only Love
I think she is the hottest lady in the movie industry cuz she has four kids and she still looks like that. I wish i would look like that after having kids...
Salut bébé Jaladé! Quelle Beauté!!!! STP veillez accèpter les Roses de l'Amour venant Du Cameroun. LA PLUS BELLE et Mignonne!!! Toujours ANGELIQUE et INNOCENTE!
@Lolita.After trying to read all that francais,man don dey sweat like pig o!
Why you dey suffer man like this now?!Have mercy on me o!Merci!:tongue:
@Vince and Sola
est-ce que i write de comment na for wona????? Ha... wai wona de drink panadol for different pessin headache?! wona chillax i beg.
and Sola lest i forget... i am a lady, so ''Ma Cherie'' pliz! thx

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