Poster of my soon-to-be-released movie, lonely pain

Poster of my soon-to-be-released movie, lonely pain
Wow...d gyal on d low right corner looks good and i hope her acting is as good too. Most of all i hope dis movie is better. Well done on your new project again o, MKOM
Poster design looks really cool.Way to go MKOM.
But the title...pardon me, but those two words dont seem right together: Lonely and pain
This is gonna be the bomb and i'm not blowing my trumpet here! It was shot in Brass, Bayelsa State, where AGIP makes the bulk of there money in Naija. The concept, story, soundtrack, audio and picture quality is superb. These are not new actors. The guy in white outfit is Larry Morgan Briggs (Pestilence, Coming of the Antichrist, Innocent Girl), The black lady with arms akimbo is actually my younger sister. Her name is Efe Mayford(now Orhorha cos she's married to Jude Orhorha(the guy in the mid
Congrats once again, Fred. Your sister seems to be doing a lot more of YMG movies these days. I love her yoruba accent.

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