Rowland Henshaw

Remember him from Mirror In The Sun? Some of you won't even know Mirror. He also recently played in the UK bit of Diamond Ring, the guy who helped RMD get the ring back from the white folks. Rowland Henshaw, a seasoned director, producer and scriptwriter, is now a pastor in London.
I remember him. I miss those days of "Mirror in the sun" & "Village Headmaster". He is one of the real professionals in the industry.
yes oh he is I thought his face looked familiar I was very young during the days of mirror in the sun
yes o, i remember him too. He used to be such a genuine, quiet character then and very slim too. I hope he's added a few pounds to himself now sha. Good luck to him
Does anyone know what Rowland's up to these days? I don't he does home video 'cos I haven't seen him in any.

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