‘ I’ m inspired by Jackie Chan’-Dejo Tunfulu

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EXACTLY twenty years ago, Kunle Makinde a.k.a. Dejo Tunfulu, sighted a movie star, Monsurat Balogun a.k.a Madam Saje, passing through his street. Makinde ran after her alongside some of his peers who were playing with him in front of their house. Unfortunately, he accidentally stepped on the Madam Saje’s slippers who looked back and gave Makinde a knock on his head. At that moment he made up his mind to also become a star some day.
“I thank God for making my dream come true. Today, before you mention five Yoruba comedians, you must have mentioned Dejo Tunfulu, this was a decision I took some 20 years ago”, he said.

According to the Ogun State born comedian, while he was in secondary school, he had a friend, who was a stammerer, so he got his own style of comedy from his friend.
“Anybody who has watched Dejo in any Yoruba film will think he is a moron. In my secondary school days, I used to imitate my friend who was a stammerer. So, when I started acting, I remembered him and the idea to act like him came into my head. My producer accepted it immediately”, he said.
He said his choice was also spurred by the fact that he used to rehearse with some of the artistes at Idumota where he was living then.


this guy is just so freakin annoyin i just cant stand him, can they like give him normal roles or sumthin


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I am sorry to say but i can't stand that guy's style of comedy.When i see him,i ff at maximum speed of my player,which is 8X.
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