‘A good actress should be able to interprete any role’ - Iyabo Ogunsola (Efunsetan)

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IT doesn’t matter how challen- ging a role is, a good actress should be able to interprete it effectively.
“As soon as I was given that role (Efunsetan), I decided to put in my best, because I knew there would be no excuse should I fail to deliver.”
Iyabo Ogunsola was reacting to a statement on how well she performed in the Yoruba film Efunsetan Aniwura, as the lead character. She said any actress who cannot adapt to fit into any given role has no reason being in the theatre business. A good actress must perform well, regardless of how difficult the role is.

She, indeed, performed very well in the film that she became known among Yoruba theatre buffs as “Efunsetan Aniwura”, her name as the lead actress in the epic movie.
According to her, the perfection attained in her delivery of her role in the film was as a result of hardwork and determination to excel.
She, however, confessed that other factors contributed to her success. In the first place, she listened to the story of Efunsetan Aniwura told by her mother, times without number, when she was still a kid. Aside this, she read the story over and over in a history book as a young girl.

“My parents used to have a book known as “Iwe itan Ibadan”, (a book on the history of Ibadan), which contained the story of “Efunsetan Aniwura”. I read the book many times as a young girl,” she said.
Efunsetan was the “Iyalode” of Ibadan during her life time. Although her authority was supposed to be limited to women, she was so strong that no man dared cross her path.
She had everything that anyone in her class could ever wish for. But, she was childless. As a result of this, she was extremely cruel, especially to her slaves. It was against her rule that any slave should be pregnant. The penalty for this and other offences was death.
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