‘Damage, Product Of True Experience’

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Nollywood actress and budding producer, Uche Jumbo, has said her latest effort, ‘Damage’, which premiered at the Silverbird Cinema on August 5, was inspired by the true-life story of abused women folk.

Uche, who was cornered during a National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)’ event at the Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja, said a friend mooted the idea to her, after they had discussed about the challenges women face, some of which included trafficking for prostitution, slavery, domestic battery and others, which had led to their near-debasement.

“Damage is all about the strength of a woman in the face of the challenges her society throws at her. It is a serial that will seek to enlighten and educate the Nigerian society on every aspect of the woman’s suffereing; child labour, forced prostitution, trafficking and a whole lot of others.
“The idea was mooted to me by a friend, and as is the case with Emem Isong, if the idea is good, she takes it up. She took this one up and here we are. ‘Damage’ is a must-watch, a socially-conscious movie.”

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