‘I’m Still Married To My Dear Wife’ – Frank Edoho

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By Tomiwa Fawunmi

‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ TV show host, Frank Edoho has played down talks of any form of separation from his wife, TV presenter Katherine, emanating from reports saying that the couple have gone their separate ways.

The marriage, which has produced three children, was alleged to have hit the rocks due to a conflict, leading to eventual exit of Frank from the matrimonial home to another apartment.

Nearly four years ago, Frank and Katherine would have ended their marriage but for the intervention of the couple’s family and influential friends who made sure they came back together.

In a telephone chat with NET yesterday, Edoho clearly debunked tales of any kind of separation from his wife or family.

‘I read about it yesterday. It is not true at all. I am a journalist myself. My marriage and private affairs are nobody’s business. What you need to know about me is just my career, my TV show and my upcoming radio venture. For now, I’m not going to tell anybody about my family life or private life,’ the TV host explained.

After a few minutes, Edoho called NET back on the phone to buttress his point.

‘I’m just calling you back because I’m like a colleague. The only thing I can say now is that there is nothing like that. I do not know where the rumor is coming from. Nobody has any right to ask me about my family so I am not going to answer again. I am just showing you guys respect. Many people have called me and I have told them that nothing is going on. I’m still with my family and still married to my dear wife,’ a furious Frank tells us.

In addition, Frank stated that the rumors were beginning to affect his wife emotionally and thus demanded people back off from the issue.

‘These journalists should just leave my wife alone; she’s undergoing too much stress. People have been calling her for like two days now and its getting to her because she’s taking care of my children. That’s all I want you to put out there’, he added.

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