‘I parted ways with my fiance in order to act’ - Folake Mulero

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Folake Mulero, who has featured in Bata Rubber, Ooto L’aye( Parts 1&2), Komo Bus Stop, Ogbologbo, Ee Tii Poto, Ife Ko Faari among others, has added colour to the Yoruba home video. Despite the ups and downs on the way to stamping her feet in the movie world, the robust actress remains undaunted. She took Tunbosun Ogundare down memory lane on her career, love life and the industry.

Folake Mulero has a vision to accomplish, hence her decision to forgo the eight year-old relationship she had with her former fiance, for acting.
The 24-year-old actress, who has featured in several home videos, including Bata Rubber, Ooto L’aye (parts 1 and II), komo Bus Stop, Ogbologbo, Ee Tii Poto, Ife Ko Faari and many more, like every other career person, wants to become a movie icon not locally alone but internationally as well.

She disclosed that her first movie, entitled Ibuso Ayo, which has reached the final stage of production, would be released in a couple of months , precisely in April. Ooto L’aye, as she is fondly called by her fans and colleagues in the industry, told the story of how she parted with her former fiance after eight years of courtship just because of her interest in acting.

“I had to opt out of my eight year-old relationship with my former fiancé because of acting. This was when he told me that he would not want to have an actress as a wife’’, disclosed Folake, who is a holder of Ordinary National Diploma(OND) in Creative Arts from the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State. Continuing, she said: “Though, the decision was not an easy one for me to take, considering the number of years we were together . But then, I had to take the decision just for the sake of my career. That was how I broke the eight year-old relationship. To confess to you, till today, the decision remains hurtful to me.’’

She told the story of how it happened:‘‘I love acting. In fact, this had been my wish since my primary school days. Then, I didn’t know how to go about it. But the opportunity came my way in 2002 through my current boss, Toyobo Films. From there, I featured in a home video entitled Ooto L’aye (parts 1 and II).Though, this was my second appearance in the home video. My first was in Bata Rubber many years ago.

‘‘So, after my fiance had watched the video, he called me one day and said he would want to have a serious discussion with me on an issue bothering on the acting profession. I didn’t even know the exact discussion he wanted to have with me. But we agreed to meet on a particular night. So, it was at that meeting that he told me he would not want me to take acting as a career. He said before I got too enmeshed in it, he would want me to disengage and find something else to do. He was emphatic that if I was serious about marrying him, I should forget about acting. I was shocked to hear this. And when I asked why he was of that opinion, he said he wouldn’t know how to cope with an actress as a wife.

‘‘He said he wouldn’t be happy seeing his wife appearing on the television here and there in the name of acting. He could not tolerate his wife hugging another man or another man hugging her. He said his major reason was that the industry is so corrupt and that he would not be a happy husband to an actress.

“On that day after he had told me this, he asked me to choose between acting and himself. I was dumbfounded. I thought he was joking initially, but when it dawned on me that he was serious about what he was saying,But I considered my interest in acting, moreso, it had been my childhood dream and I believe I have a natural talent. I then took the decision there and then to go into acting.

‘‘In fact, he found it difficult to believe my decision. Anyway, it wasn’t an easy decision for me to take, but I just had to take it. “That day, he broke down in tears and I wept too like a baby.” On whether it was the role she played in a movie that her fiancé reacted to, she said she had no doubt acted a bad part, noting that her role is almost a replica of what had happened to her in real life. ‘‘The role I played ressembled what happened between me and this man.

“In the movie, I was a young lady who was in a love tango with a young man. Both of us had promised ourselves marriage. “The man in question was a struggler. He had no money. But I didn’t base my interest for him on money. It was on pure affection. But what happened after some years of our courtship was that the man jilted me. He dumped me not because he found me wanting. He said I was no longer fit for him. And this was because he had started to make some money.

‘‘This development was very painful to me but the man eventually got married to another lady.So, that was it.” Folake who said she doesn’t see herself doing better in any other profession spoke about how serious her relationship was with her former fiance, disclosing that it was more than a mere affairs as the parents of both parties were aware of it.

“Our parents knew about the relationship. They knew we were going out together; they knew how serious we were about it and they gave their support. But when the relationship crashed, they too found it hard to believe. Initially, they took it for a joke but later they knew it was real when we stopped visiting each other and when we didn’t visit them (the parents ) as well.”

“Throughout the period we were in courtship, I had no relationship with any other man. It was only him that I stuck to. He too knew of this then. And if you are doubting what I am telling you now, he’s somebody you can see. If you so wish, I will give you his address and you will go and find out from him. I was faithful to him. He too was faithful anyway. We used to be together almost everyday.” The actress said her sojourn into acting was not by accident but a manifestation of her dream. She is the last born in the family of three and t is the only actress .

“It’s only me that is into acting in my family,” she said, adding that “Though my parents, particularly my mum was opposed to it initially. She said those in the profession were never-do-well . She also said she could not imagine the negative way the relations and people in the neighbourhood would look at the family because of me if I began to act. But after some explanation to enlighten her of what the profession is all about, she came to terms with it and saidthat I should go ahead with plans. Do you believe that today, she is the one asking me when my movie would be released to the public.”

Folake, who said she has many happy experiences, noted that the one that is most memorable was in 2004 when she travelled to Holland. “My happiest moment was when I travelled to Holland in 2004. I went there for holiday. I spent just three months there. Seeing myself for the first time in the midst of the whites was a joyful thing to me. I can never forget the experience even if I go there many more times.”

Folake, who said her hobby is watching movies, confessed that her fear has always been about death, noting that she would not want to die as a young person. “My fear? It’s only that I would not want to die a young person. You know I am still a very young lady and I have not achieved my purpose in life. To die now is to live a wasted life. So my fear is death.”



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She Is 24 So She Started Dating At 16.bc They Wrote 8 Yr Old Fiance.in Africa Dat Is Way Young.i Mean If He Was Even D First
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