‘Many Nollywood Stories Lack Creativity’

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‘Many Nollywood Stories Lack Creativity’

Q: Let’s get to know you?

A: My name is Musa Ibrahim popularly called Ibro, I’m an actor and also an MC and the CEO of Ibro Entertainment World Limited. I am from Benue State, Ofor-po local government, Ochobo. I attended St. Patrick’s Primary School, Abuja and Government Secondary School, Kuje, Abuja. I did my diploma in University of Abuja. I’m from a family of seven, four boys and three girls, and I’m the fourth child.

Q: When did you discover your talent as an actor?

A: I started acting when I was in Primary School. I acted in a stage drama and from then I have not looked back.

Q: Which movies have you featured in?

A: My first movie was Sound Of The Sea, a soap opera. I also feature in Storm Is Over, the movie that actually brought me to lime light was Baby Police in 2003, I was also in Jasper, Family Love, Once Upon A Time In Ghana, Game Of Life and so many others. My last movie is 666 and it is doing very well in the market.

Q: What would you consider the worst moment of your career?

A: Well, I think embarrassment from touts on the road is one thing that puts me off. I remember when I went to Ajegunle with my friend Dano, we were held up for hours by these touts. Even after buying them drinks they insisted we stayed behind, we eventually call a police friend to come to our rescue.

Q: Do you think your size has affected your progress in Nollywood?

A: Yes and positively in the sense that, any where I go I’m recognised but on the other hand, due to my size producers says my roles have to be special because I can’t just act any role, and this has restricted my progress just a little bit.

Q: How will you rate Nollywood?

A: Nollywood is coming up. If investors come in, it will be better. For now, it is only the marketers that invest in the movie industry, but if investors, like the Federal Government, banks, marketers, private individuals come in, then believe me, the sky will be the limit for Nollywood.

Q: Personally, I think that many stories in Nollywood lack creativity, what’s your opinion on this?

A: Yes, I agree with you. This is because the writers don’t really do much research before writing their stories. I think if they go out and do some findings about what they plan to write then we will have better story lines.

Q: Who are your friends in the movie industry?

A: My best friend is Daniel Iroegbu who is also like a brother to me. Other friends are Prince Murphy, ‘Sean Paul’ Oga Solar, Anayo Dauda Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze, Emeka Ani and many others.

Q: Tell us about your love life?

A: Her name is Bilikisu, she was at first just a fan, and when I went to Abuja for a show I met her and we got along, she is gentle, quiet and a 200 level student of Economics Department University of Abuja.

Q: Who do you consider to be your mentor?

A: I respect a lot of people in the movie industry but people like Emeka Ike, Chidi Mokeme and Charles Inojie are people I really have a lot of respect for.

Q: How do you handle advances from ladies?

A: I receive a lot of phone calls and messages, and I make friends with a lot of people but you know, I can’t date everybody, I also don’t see it as a problem because I like making friends, and most times when I get calls from ladies, we chat as if we’ve known each other for a while.

Q: How will you assess your career so far?

A: Well, I thank God for my life, but I’m working to attain even greater heights and possibly go international; that will be a dream come true.

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: I like Amala and Ewedu soup with Shaki and any kind of soft drink.

Q: Where do you see Ibro five years from now?

A: Firstly, I’m planning to go back to school to study Mass Communication, because I believe Mass Communication and Theatre Arts are related. By the special grace of God, I also hope that in 5 years, I should have settled down with the woman of my dreams.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I love watching movies, football and I also like playing with kids and meeting people.

Q: What message do you have for your fans?

A: Let them keep on watching my movies and I will continue to give them my best; I love them all and they should keep praying for me and by the grace of God, the sky is the beginning.

—Ayodele Campbell.
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