‘My Wife Cursed Me’

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December 09, 2009 15:09

Cyriacus Izuekwe

A 59-year old man has asked the Igando Grade ‘B’ Customary Court in Alimosho to dissolve his 22-year old marriage with his wife because he cannot have sex again with her.

The man, Ifedayo Akwusere of 2, Waheed Adeyemi Street, Akesan, told the court, presided over by Mr. A. J. Eko, that if he should have sex with his wife, Idowu, 42, that he will die.

He told the court that his estranged wife cursed him and the implication is, if he tries to have sexual intercourse with her, he would die.

“Since my wife cursed me over two years ago, I have not had sex with her. We are from Ondo State and when a woman places such a curse on the husband, the man cannot sleep with the woman again. If he tries it, he will die,” he explained.

The father of three, Tope, 21, Bosere, 16 and a 12-year-old Martins Akwusere, said his estranged wife was of a good behaviour, but at a time, she started misbehaving and changed for the worst.

He accused her of fighting him frequently and going out of their matrimonial home and coming back late at will. Consequently, he said he no longer love the woman.

In her response, Idowu denied all the allegations made against her by the petitioner and told the court that the action of her husband was a ploy to divorce her so that he can remarry another woman.

She told the court that her husband made the false allegations against her because he plans to reconcile with his former wife, whom he divorced 16 years ago before he married her.

She informed the court that after his former wife left him with two kids, she trained them up to the university level and they are now graduates.

She, however, told the court that she still loves him and want the marriage to continue.

The president of the court ordered the parties to maintain peace, while he adjourned the matter till 5 December, 2009, for further hearing.

The PM News - Nigeria’s leading evening newspaper ‘My Wife Cursed Me’


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lol! some of these court cases are hilarious! I wonder what these judges are thinking when they hear these divorce cases. lol!!!
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