‘Nigeria to host FESTAC in 2010 ‘

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Dr Ahmed Yerima, Director-General of the National Theatre, has given indications that Nigeria may hold a second Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 2010.

The country held the maiden edition of the international cultural event in 1977, and no African nation has been able to host the festival.

Yerima said in Lagos, that the Ford Foundation was working towards enabling Nigeria to host it in 2010 .

Yerima said Senegal would host the event next year "n a small scale, " addingthat the Foundation was equally making efforts to ensure that Nigeria was represented in Senegal.

He said Ford Foundation had held workshops with cultural directors in Nigeria on the issues and that they are talking seriously on the representation of Nigeria at the Senegal event and the presentation of the country for the 2010 festival.

He said it would be difficult for countries to set up a gigantic edifice as the National Theatre to host the world during the festival, as Nigeria did in 1977, and urged the Federal Government not to sell the National Theatre because of its cultural symbolism.

According to him, selling or to concessioning the theatre will mean going to pay the buyers or managers whenever we want to host the festival. It will mean not having any cultural reference point in Nigeria.



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As a bona fide Festac Towner that benefitted from the 1977 FESTAC, which gave birth to the then middle class Festac Village to the now dilapidated (it pains me to see the state of it now) Festac Town, I receive this news with mixed feelings.

Good luck to Naija, if they can pull this off. So long as care is taken and ordinary citizens, not just the Senators and their families, benefit from it too, then it will be great. I remember clearly how the maiden edition went. It provided employment and really lovely Festac Town housing for a lot of families, mine included. Hope ordinary citizens will be given the chance to benefit from the 2010 event.



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Make una do well O!!

I remember the last FESTAC fondly. I hope they are able to get it right again and represent Africa proudly
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